Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mommin' Q and A...

Day three people... this is HUGE!!

Let's go back... like to the way back in 2006 , when I married my manfriend.  Times were fun and happy and then we have two children (my reasons for waking every morning, literally... each morning they are in my room so I have no choice but to wake up) and then there are the two dogs. #CanWeSayRunOnSentence I am living my best life here, and I really do have all I could have ever dreamed of (except for one of those new million dolla homes off the square and a new truck for my manfriend.. but I digress. I started thinking about how long I have been penning this blog, and it has been almost 10 years!  Wha????  I have been sharing the good and the not so pretty, and keeping it mostly PG for a while.  I go in and out of my blogging obsession, and I guess since this is a day 3 post in a row... I suppose the obsession is back (insert creepy voice when saying, "I'm baaack!"

Over the past few months, while on a blog hiatus, I have been a mommin' to my littles, so it is not been very often that I find the time to blog.  Since I am currently in the mom trenches, I wanted to reach out to other parents who are in the same season as me!  I wanna know things from you 10s!  As we all know, mommin' ain't easy, but  it is always better to get through the day when you have other moms to talk to.

Here we go parents.... I wanna know!

1.  Mommin' ain't easy, the days are full and the nights can sometimes be long.  Are there ever some days where you just want to wave a white flag and say, "I surrender"?  Hello, the kids 1 and momma 0!  How do you summon the energy to get back on the mommin' wheel everyday?  Prayer?  Meditation? Call your nanny?  #IfYouHaveOneCanYouShareWithMe #AndPayForIt   A sweet tea from the Sonic?
2.  What is a day in your life as a parent?  Do your mornings start early with homemade breakfasts (#AreYouRisingAtDawn?) and signing last minute school paperwork, and then you finally get everyone to their schools and give yourself a high five because you survived the hustle and bustle of the morning?  Or are you a bit more low key?

3.  What kind of things do you do as a family?  Do you go on family walks or play at a local playground, possibly coach a child's sport team, or do you get out and go do something different like an arcade place for kids?

4.  Seriously, are you a weekly meal planner? #WeCantBeFriends  Like are you going to the store on Saturday mornings and then spending your Sunday days making freezer meals for the week?  Have you tried an instant pot?  What does this weekly meal plan consist of?

5.  Every night before bed, I think to myself... tomorrow I will be a better mom.  I will not get upset when no one listens or leaves their socks, shoes, and string cheese trash all over the living room!  (Every. Single. Day!)  Do you ever think of how you are doing as a parent, and think... man, I wish I would have handled that differently?  Can you explain a time?

6.  So, your mother comes "bright and early" to take your children for the whole day and night (this doesn't happen to me often... like ever, but for you it might)!  How do you fill your time?  Take a bath?  Do laundry?  Get on the "time-suck" that is Pinterest?  Go shopping?  I would probably try to go on a date with my manfriend!  The dates are few and far between, so to be alone all day.... that would be the best!

7.  Has there ever been a momin' moment where you thought, "oh... my.... gosh... I sound just like my mother or father!"  What are some things that your parents did or said and now you find yourself doing?
I guess I am pretty lucky to be schooled by these two, and I daily find myself doing and saying the same things that my parents have said over the years!  Who knew, all of the times I thought they knew nothing... my parents really did know what they were talking about!  #MindBlown

8.  Have you ever volunteered in your child's school?  Are you a PTO parent?  Do you have PTO?  Do you even know what PTO is?  Maybe the homeroom mom??

9.  What is your favorite family trip destination?  We love to go to the beach with our family, but I have a feeling our upcoming summer trip will just be so awesome!  Look out Mickey... here we come!  #KidsDontKnow #YouSeeThemAndTellThem #YouAreDeadToMe

10.  What is one thing you cannot live without?

11.  What is something that your family does that makes you bonkers!!  #SeriouslyWonky
I get seriously wonkied out when I ask for help doing a chore, and everyone says okay, but their face says.... I would rather bang my head against the floor!  Uggggh!  For real... just fix your face and put away your stink socks and throw away your Goldfish bag!!  #GeeezLouise

Well, that is all!  Not too intrusive, I hope.

Seriously, I wanna know what you're thinking!!

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