Thursday, April 30, 2020

Fairies and not so pleasant bike rides...

I suppose I will consider this day another success.  We all survived another day of house arrest, I mean self quarantine.  I made breakfast and lunch, that is right I am pretty much a domestic diva for those of you thinking that I only feed my children the Chick-fila, helped with school work, did my own 8 hours of work from home, worked out in the yard, and rode a bike.  Around the block.  Without being forced.  Or chased by a mur-der-errr.
I am just gonna put this out there I have been wanting a bike.
Preferably a bike with a basket to carry items (not sure what kind of items.. but items) and it shall have a large cushiony seat for my not so young parts (let's be real the lady bits ain't built like they used to be... ya know whatta mean).
This is what I am thinking....
Awwwwe.... isn't she presh.
Well folks don't get so attached, because I live in a place where bikes are all the rage and I cannot find one!!  So sad.  I keep on-a searching, but bikes are outta stock!  So since I have no bike, I rode the man friends bike.   Ummmmm..... BIG mistake.... HUGE!
It has been 10 hours since my BIG ride (justa around the block) and my bits are the pits!  I have a bowed walk and I just feel like possibly the bike had a better time than I did.  I am afraid if I keep this up I may get callous-y down yonder.  Sweet geez, what if I become dead down there?
Maybe I should reconsider this new hobby and stick with the yard work.
This evening was so fun.  Honey (Honey is grandmother for us) had an idea for us to create a fairy garden.  Sophia has been all about it and is constantly looking at gardens online.  Today, Honey surprised us with a fun acorn house, mushroom, and fairies!  The kids worked on this all evening and then brought things from their bedroom!  Brayden even unscrewed a knob from his super fancy dresser and is using it as a fairy mushroom seat, Sophia brought out animals from her doll house, and then they brought crystals from their cave field trips.
If you do not have a fairy garden, I think your kids would really enjoy it!

I will just be here livin' my best life... with an ice pack!  Night night!

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