Tuesday, April 28, 2020

"I's the foreman, I says when it's quittin' time"

Yes, as of late, I am feeling a bit like Big Sam from Gone With the Wind working at Tara.
Does anyone remember when someone says, "quittin' time" and Big Sam interrupts and states that he is the foreman and only he can say when ya stop the work!!  Hel....lo, this is so my yard life right now!
Big Sam is my spirit animal!
Anyway, I am not sure about the 10s of readers (mama, man friend, my sil, possibly Moss (but she may be reading by accident and leave a comment that only has a one letter response... like y or r, technology just is not her thing) so never mind like 4s of readers, but are you all working in your yard too?  We have lived at casa de Foresee for about 14 years.  We have always had the best of intentions with our yard, but yard work is tough, and it ain't cheap, and did I mention it is tough??  Most of our weekends have been filled with all of the kid things:  baseball, soccer, basketball, camping, fun, or just sitting in the house ignoring the fact that we have a yard.  The idea of working out there can be a bit over whelming (and sweaty)... I mean where do you even start?
What plants work best?
What kind of dirt do I get?
Is there a snake in there?
So here it is... the great reveal.
the yard
(imagine scary intro music... du..duh...duuuuuuuuh)
I know what you are thinking...
it ain't really nothing special.
I know!
Gardens Illustrated won't be callin' us tomorrow for a photo shoot.
Master gardener... I am not. 
It is overwhelming I tell ya.  It is a green space with a too small patio, a flowerbed that my family helped us build right after Sophia was born, and a buncha overgrown irises and lillies that I dug up from my MamMaw's yard after she passed away.
Anyways, the past few weeks, after my work day (from home) is done, I have been going outside and reviewing the space and getting a plan.
1.  We gotta throw away those chairs.  They are super janky.  Ya cannot even sit on them for fear of falling through... I ain't interested.
2.  That top flower bed is sad.  My irises have multiplied (which I like) but there is nothing else really in there.  There is a Oak Leaf Hydrangea in the corner of the bed but I am needing a few other things to add a BIG BANG!
- Azaleas?
- something taller in the back?
- some fun pansies for the bed border??? I don't know, just thinking out loud
3.  Side flower bed... you are sad and filled with total sun plants.  I am thinking we need to make the bed smaller, and add some tall tree/ shrubs along the back of the house?
4.  Fire pit space.  I do not love our fire pit on the patio.  It takes up too much space so I would like to create a patio space in  the yard where we can sit comfortably around the fire pit.  (guess I need to get on the Pinterest)
5.  Garden space.  We have a great size yard, but unfortunately it has a steep hill (boo)!  Our garden is at the bottom, but it is just needing some love.  Man friend has been doing some work... maybe you will see us at the farmers market selling our goods... our produce... not "our goods", come on people, let's keep this blog space PG!
6.  Trim up branches that are growing over our fence.  Our yard needs some more light!!
7.  Next space will be the front yard.  I am thinking of planting tulips
So this has been my plan and I am still shocked that I have been going out each day to check on plants, hang feeders, even bird houses.
It has been nice to have all of the help!!

Yes, that is the man friend on the fence, cutting branches, with a chainsaw. (I was soooooo stressed out during the photoshoot of these pictures)!!

It has been a few weeks.... and I have come to learn that I love an Azalea bloom.  The colors are incredible and I will be having all the colors in our beds!!  So excited about these shrubs and they do not seem to be a lot of work.  We will see.
We have strung up birdhouses that the kids painted a few years ago with their Honey.  I kind of thought the birds would be scared off by the LOUD color selection... but I guess not!!  
A bird family has moved into each house we have!!  I may need more!
Anyone else still growing their 3rd grade cabbage plant?  Brayden brought this tiny plant home maybe in February, and he keeps saying he can win BIG money with this plant, so he is really trying to care for it well.  I planted it in the flowerbed... why not plant a cabbage among all of the other pretties!!  I like that it adds a little surprise in the bed!!  It is really flourishing!!

 I just planted this strawberry plant on Saturday.
Sat. ur. day!!  3 days y'all!!  We already have quite a few berries!!!  Westwood Garden in Springdale had some great looking plants to choose from and Wal-Mart has the cutest pots!!  Go getcha some!!
and.... just because it would not be a day of the week without a lil bitta home delivery Chick-fila!!  See, I do not even get up from the chair!  I just keep on working and the kids pick up the food!
Voila, breakfast is served!

Happy Tuesday!  #TwoDayBlogInARow #BlogHiatusO-va

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