Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Pics, Part 1

I am usually all over sending out Christmas cards. This year, I got nothing! I have totally lost all track of time (with children, a Aron, a dog, and a whole buncha other things)! So, last night, I thought, oh I can definitely take a sweet picture of my children in front of the Christmas tree....... HA! Who am I kidding!!

This photo was the start of what I was thinking would be the most precious photo shoot.... NOT!!

Me: Sophia sit by your brother and smile

Sophia interpretation: Squeeze my brother tightly with a one armed choke hold!

Brayden's interpretation: Get away from my sister!

Me: Sophia, stop loving your brother so tightly. Be gentle. Be sweet.

Sophia hears: Okay Mama, read.

Brother wants: Brown Bear

Me: Sophia put the book down. Brayden put your book down for mama!

Sophia hears:...........I think she is blocking me out

Brayden wants: not to be in the picture anymore.

Me: Hey, looky looky, snap snap, up here, looka mama, here, hey, cookie, cookie

children............. nothing

Me: I try to take the books away.

Sophia: Sophia book, mommy nothing

Brayden: getting ready to reach for his book.

Me: I cannot see your faces. Show Mama your teeth. Smile.

Children:....... now eating the books.

Me: One more please

Children: immediate response.


Children: back to the books

Me: Okay, this is really the last one.

Sophia starts taking off shoes.

This is going no where!

And, we're done.

Tomorrow, we will have another photo shoot. Hope it has better results!

Merry Christmas from the Foresee's!

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Sarah said...

So cute! Here are my tips for a smile that work almost everytime wiht my children. Mine are 3 and 5 months. I get my camera pointed and in focus then move my head from behind it to where they can see my face. I make smiley faces at the baby until I start getting smiles from him...then I tell my daughter to say cheese, or I yell out "boogers" or some other child vulgarity or I make farting noises with my mouth. Works like a charm. Just gotta get on their level and make them laugh. ;)