Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Lil' Bitta Dazzle for the Holidays!

So, each Christmas I like to really jazz up the house a bit. Okay, a lot. What can I say, if it does not move, it has been hit with the Christmas stick! If it has a Jesus, a Santa, a nativity setting, some red and green, or reindeer motif I wanta have it all over the house! Love me some lights, glitter, shiny fun sequiny.... okay this is starting to sound like a cray cray prom dress! Whatever! We are loving this Christmas land in our house and the kids are loving to play with every ornament they can reach.

Welcome to our house for the holidays!!

Now that I look at the front door in this picture, there sure is a lotta stuff going on here! O well!

These are two of my girl friends!

They were sweet to pose in front of the door with me!

Ignore the sweaters, they were for one of those Christmas parties when you wear apparel that is maybe not so favorable to yourself, but could be a possible gem for another person! (Ugly Sweater Party!)

Entry way

It is snowing!

Yes, I made snowflakes one day during naptime. Little did I know how time consuming it would be! Sophia loves it though! It adds to the whole Christmasland motif!

Lovey's tree

Sophia playing with her nativity!

B-man's Jungle Tree

My Christmas Village.

The bottom shelf is often redecorated by lil miss! I sometimes find Barbie and friends mingling with the Dicken's Village Crew!

The Christmas Tree

The stockings hung on the by the chimney with care!

Cocka doodle Christmas Tree! Love some chickens!

Kitchen chandelier

Do you go big on decorating for the holidays?

Hope you are having a happy holiday!


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Cory said...

I love all of your decorations, and THE SNOWFLAKES!!! I made them too. ;) So fun and beautiful! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!