Thursday, December 1, 2011

O My Gosh, You Can Eat These.....

and you will not get fat!!!

Okay, that is a lie, but you will be sooo happy when you are eating the holiday delights!!

I know, could this be anymore precious and yummy??

I found this on the

Don't ya wish the Parker's were your neighbors, and they were gonna drop these cuties off at your house to eat! YUM

Yes, marshmallows. Who knew they could look so good. I could eat these all day long!!

Found these sweet treats on the

I found this picture of holy delectibleness on her blog too! Don't you wish she was inviting you over for a Christmas party?? Call me Kara, you bring the sweets, and I will just come and eat!

Dying! Adorableness! I am not a big fan of meat, but I would eat this reindeer anytime!!

I found this from a site, Hoosier Homeade.


I love you with all of your salt, but you have totally stepped it up a notch by adding a lil' bit'a chocolate, some emmeees, and sprinkles.

Found these sweet treats at

I heart treats. I heart Christmas treats. Who am I kidding, I heart me some icing!!!

Kids, guess what we are having for dinner????

Yes, cookies and cakes!



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