Sunday, December 4, 2011

Look Out, Lil' Red in the Kitchen!!

All in all, I would say that the day has been a success. Today, I have boldly gone, where I have never gone before. This is the day I baked with my lil' red. That's right yal, Paula Deen better look out, cause this tiny tot baker is Red Hot in the Kitchen!! Lil' Red and I decided that we would bake some cookies. First, we had to dress the part. Since I do not have an apron for her itty bitty figure, she wore mine. Perfect fit, ya think?

I know, it looks like something that Laura Ingalls would have worn, but she was totally working it! Brother, was not so sure.

Red playing with the cookie cutters

She was so excited!!

Brayden did not get to help, but he was doing anything that would get my attention! I seriously love him so much!! Can you see the micro tiny curl in back? What if he were to have my huge afro-ish type of hair. Lord, bless him!

Here she is rolling out the dough. Yes, she is using a baby bottle. For some reason, I do not own a rolling pin. The bottle worked just fine!

Here we are icing the cookies. Some of us were eating more icing than helping (she will remain nameless, but you can tell whose mouth is green!)

Doing her own cookie.

Here we go. I know, they should totally be on the cover of a Southern Living Christmas Cookbook!!

This was Red when I told her we could have one after she ate her dinner. You would have thought I told her to go to time out! Look at her sweet hands, she is begging for just one cookie!! It was so sad!!

We still have a lot of fun things to make. I got a ginger bread house, so many fun desert ideas to do from that Pinterest thingy (are any of you pinners?), and then the crafts! Lawdy, we are fixin' to be busy up in here!

I heard we may get a little bit of snow, so I am trying to keep all little hands and bodies busy!

Love yal!


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