Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is going to be a bit tricky.....

So, mommies around the world, if you have more than 1 baby, or have a baby and a pet, or a baby and a husband, or just a husband, are you a bit overwhelmed? Honestly, I really thought that I had it all figured out with a hubby, Lovey girl, and a ferocious pup. We had a schedule, had dinner made occasionally when Aron got home from work, laundry would be folded and put away, the dog would get attention, my house would be clean (okay not really that clean), we were able to get out of the house, I would put on clothes other than sweats (okay, no I would not), I would talk to me sweet friends. Now, all of this has changed. Add a 6 pound baby to the mix, and things just got a little bit tricky!!

So, how do you do it?
On the first week home (we were staying with momma and daddy), I was getting ready to nurse B-man. I had the bubbie out and everything, pick him up, then the smell from his diaper was horrendous! I had to change him immediately!! So, I start to change him, then I notice I have no wipes, so I run to get the wipes (bubbie still out) and then milk starts coming out! Complete mess on the floor and on me! (So yes, ladies! This is not something that you read in the books, your girls will turn into faucets, too bad you can not reach for a knob and turn them OFF!!)

Boys. I have been sprayed! Pee-pee-tee-pee, really? Who can operate a wiggly baby, get the diaper in place, wipe, and grab and keep the tee-pee from falling off? I am all about multi tasking but this is too much! I need another hand!

I see mothers and fathers at Wal-Mart with more than one child, you are so brave!

I forgot about night time feedings (enough said)!

I feel like Lovey, hubs, and dog may not be getting enough attention.. do you feel like you are able to give enough of yourself to everyone in your house and outside your house? I think I need to be cloned (remind me to contact the science department at the local community college!)

My home is a pit! Toys are everywhere! I have also not found time to clean!

I attempted laundry the other day, well a dirty diaper found its way into the wash. Let me just tell you Pampers Dry Max diapers cannot handle the washing machine!! What a mess!

I still have to get working on the baby room! Poor B-man, he may just sleep with deer heads over his bed until he goes off to college!

I feel like I may be turning Sophia into a cartoonaholic! When I feed the baby, it is just something easy to entertain her with (Elmo, Dora, Max and Ruby (does anyone know what happened to their parents (enquiring minds want to know) or Disney movies. I have started having craft time with her, coloring, stickers, playdough, and even painting. Do you have any fun ideas of things I can do with Sophia since it is -5 outside and the snow is up to our ankles? What do you do with your toddlers?

Does anyone have any great recipes that do not include chicken nuggets, spaghetti sauce, or sloppy joe mix? I am trying to get back into the swing of cooking, and I need some new recipes. We have been so fortunate to have meals brought to our home over the past 3 weeks from our Sunday School class. We are part of such a wonderful group, I do not know what we would do without them.

I am 50% joking on this post, and not totally complaining! So, please no horrible comments!! I have never been happier. A sweet husband, a dog that loves me (he does not like anyone else), two precious little red headed babies! Life is really good, just realizing that a baby changes everything! (How do the Duggers do it? That momma should write a book.)

It will all be okay though, we have made it a month and we are all still alive and healthy!
Aron just got home! This is my time to spend with him (the babies are asleep)!

Love yal!



Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

I felt guilty that my daughter was watching too much tv b/c I would always turn it on when I was nursing my son so I started reading to her instead. We set up a basket with books next to the couch and she LOVED that time. As he got older he too was able to enjoy the books while nursing. Win-win. Enjoy this time, it goes by to fast!

sl said...

I love to cook with the crockpot and I do not have 2 little ones. Winter is the perfect time to make lots of soups and chili. Stock your cabinet and have warm yummy soups. I cook ground beef ahead and freeze in 1 lb. bags so i can just dump everything in the crockpot. I make double batches so I can freeze one. Good Luck. Your babies are precious! Love red heads!

How "Sweet" it is... said...

Oh, girl, I know what you are going through. It does get better, and you will get your routine back, just takes a while. AND, don't feel bad about sitting Sophia in front of cartoons while you feed baby or get a break, I didn't ruin Ella, I promise. You do what you gotta do!! As far as food goes, I LOVE to cook, but I have to be realistic, I cook a good meal 1-2 nights a week, and the rest is semi-homemade : ). Just remember, it won't be this way forever, I had to tell myself that every day the first year with the twins, but for right now you just roll with it.

Unknown said...

My main point of advice is that it is just hard . . . for everyone and . . . it gets better. The crockpot is your friend (even have your husband put it together) and yes, reading on the couch while I nursed was one of the greatest things that I did. Also, it's just good to know that in these early weeks just do what you have to do to get by. . . even if it means more TV for the older one. I'm now pregnant with my third and my oldest just turned three and we have a 15 month old. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I was so sick and at home with two little kids. They watched a lot of TV and I felt guilty until one of my older mom friends said, "oh well". They won't watch much anymore so she was right.

Hang in there!