Friday, February 4, 2011

Daddy, you are how old??

It is that time of year again! Happy Birthday to two of my most favorite men! In January we celebrated 2 birthdays. Aron turned 31, he is so getting up there, and Daddy turned 50ish something. What a fun time we had celebrating their happy days!
Here is the birthday boy with his chocolate cake.
Making a wish! I am sure that he wished for more sleep!
Aron, LeAnne (his sis), Aidan and Brayden

Party guests
Sweet cousins

The brothers taking a silly photo op

Our sweet Daddy/ Granddaddy

Daddy and his baby and grandbabies

Me and my favorite girl

Aron and Daddy

The Fam

She so loves him

This girl loves cupcakes!

This is what happens when you tell her, "no more cupcakes!"
Please! Just one more! How can I resist her??

Happy Birthday Daddy

Love yal!


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