Thursday, February 17, 2011

13 Candles

Well, the time has come. My baby sister is 13, a teenager! I can hardly believe it. I remember when she was born, I was soon to graduate from high school (o-that was so long ago)! What a busy 13 years, it is flying by.

Here is our girl. So excited about the attention she is getting while cutting her cake.

Daddy, Jason, and Hubbalicious Honey and Brayden

A little bit about our darling Katie Grace. Well, she is 13 years old and is currently in the 7th grade. She is so very smart, she just blows me away. Always getting the best grades (she gets that from me- ha)! She is funny, talented, and super gorgeous. What would we have ever done without her? I have no idea. I am so proud to be her big sister and be her friend. Happy Birthday to my sweet sister, you have come a long way baby!!

Thirteen, this was a big year for me. (Boyz II Men was hot and so was Color Me Badd, Bill Clinton was the President, The Bodyguard and Aladdin were out, Full House was popular (I so wanted to be D.J. Tanner) a gallon of gas was about 1.12 (gez, that went up), Yes, this was the start of all things teenager! That was a rough year for myself (1991/92). What a mess I was. Entering into junior high. I brushed my hair and thought it was pretty (do not forget that my hair is naturally curly), had braces (yowza), so very pale (it was as if sunlight had never seen my skin), and I was a little gangly thing. The beginning of acne (tragic), the start of a period (thought my life was over as well as my days as a swimmer), would I ever get boobs? (should not have wished so hard for those!) I never had a boyfriend (sob), certainly never been kissed (sob, sob), but o- the crushes (the Mikes, the Johns, the Nick Little's, the Beau's, hey I told yal I had a new crush everyday!!! Looking back in my diary I had written I love Aron forever (talking about my husband), so funny because I definitely did not know him (must have passed him in the hall). O- to be 13 again- not so much!!

What about your early teen years, were they rough like mine?

Love yal,



Sharon said...

The Mikes the Johns the Nick Littles The Beaus. OH.MY.GOSH! That made me laugh out loud and read it again....oh mercy! I didn't have Mikes or Johns or Beaus, but I did "go out" with Nick Little. Then with his brother. Is that weird. So funny! Memories memories....

The Hills said...

This doesn't seem right. I still remember you telling me your mom was pregnant. WOW! Happy Bday to your little sis!!