Monday, February 14, 2011

Me and My Valentines!!!

Happy Valentines Day!
This has definitely been a day of surprises.
We have been showered with cards, flowers, and other gifts a plenty (thank you Brayden)! What a happy day I have been able to spend with my sweet babies, my momma, and wonderful hubby!
Here is Sophia and her daddy. He is helping her to open her Valentines Day card from her Aunt Kitty Kat, Honey, and Granddaddy.
Fascinated by the sparkly Cinderella card.
Gotta love the stickers!
Ariel card! She loves the Little Mermaid, I think it is the red hair!!
Sophia loving on her Honey
Brayden's first Valentines Day, and he is asleep for most of it.
Aron got Sophia a card, teddy bear, and balloons.
This will provide much needed entertainment for tomorrow!!Aron reading what he wrote to his baby girl. He is so sweet and thoughtful with the things that he writes in the cards he gives to us. We really are lucky girls. Me and my man. Why ever he did not make a seductive face, I look a little odd and like I have fish lips (not seductive at all)!
All of our sweet cards. My flowers. My daddy and momma got me beautiful red roses and Aron came home from work with the most amazing bouquet from a local flower shop, Bloom. They do wonderful arrangements.
Telling ya, I am a lucky girl.

Hope that everyone had a wonderful day filled with hugs, kisses, and I Love Yous!

If not, here is a big Hug and Kiss to ya! xoxoxoxo


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