Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Doo!

So we have hit a BIG milestone. Girlfriend got herself a haircut (okay, just some bangs and a little trim), but it has totally transformed her. She looks so grown up to us now. My precious baby is growing up....(insert dramatic sob)!

Such a big girl. Sitting in the chair. Bye- bye scraggle hair!

One more close up. In this photo the hair is out of her face and I was questioning why I was making her get a cut!

She loved to make faces in the mirror.

Then came the cover up. Then the brush through her mane of red locks.

She was not quiet sure of what was happening. (she had not been drugged with Motrin, she just had some whispies in the eye!)

Here we go...

Another shot.... she is being so good. I am so proud she is not screaming and bucking her head back and forth!

We have BANGS! She is so not sure of the new look.

Still not sure....thinking.....

Okay, I can so rock this!

Here she is saying, "I would like a little poof up top, about this high? Thoughts?"

She is too funny, I really wonder what she is thinking....

Thank you to our sweet friend Patty (at Reflections)! Love her!!!

She likes it!

Momma and the big girl!

She is so workin this new doo!


Love yal!



Laurie said...

I LOVE your sense of humor!

Cory said...

That is too funny! Rock it out, sista! Ha! The trim made her hair look fuller. Very cute!

Lindsay said...

I love her haircut!! She's so cute. Sidney has one scheduled for Thursday morning. Watch out fellas, here come our girls. :)

How "Sweet" it is... said...

Seriously ADORABLE!