Sunday, April 3, 2011

Santa Claus, High Heels, and Sunday Mornings!

We are so glad that daddy made it back from China this past Thursday evening! He was like Santa Claus (minus the white beard, belly that shook like jelly, reindeer, elves... okay, he was nothing like Santa), but he came home with gifts!!

Granddaddy brought back a kimono for Sophia. It is the prettiest color of blue. Lovey adores it. In fact, in this picture she is wearing it over her clothes. It turned into a huge ordeal to take it off, so she left it on for the duration of the day. Turns out you can do a lot in a kimono.... you can play in it, run in it, and ride your pony in it!

She was so glad to see her guy!

I think that the feeling was mutual.

Santa (I mean daddy) even brought a gift for me.I got a red purse, it is beautimous!

Ignore my double chin and focus on the purse!!

So glad that he got home, we were missing him terribly!!

On Saturday, Sophia was going through my closet (she loves to go in there and strip clothes off of hangers, hide snacks, or just hide). Well, she started dragging out shoes, then well, the pictures will tell the story.

Humm, they don't go on your hands.

Humm.... where is the velcro?

OMG! I love these shoes!! She proceeded to clip clop all around the kitchen (without falling)!!

Today, we got up and went to church. We are finding that in order to get there by 9:15 we must start at the crack o dawn!

First, I must bathe and have a Dr. Pepper. Wake Aron. Let my sweet dog out. Go and get Lovey up.

Happiness! When you walk in her room, she greets you with a smile and expects her song to be sung. (Yes, I am that momma that has made up a song and sing it every morning to my girl...)

Change diaper...go get juice cup for her... make bottle for B-man (he will wake soon). Go and get all of their clothes for church. Re-wake Aron. Go and get diapers for church, label them with marker and throw in diaper bag. B-man should be crying by now. I go and entertain him give him a paci to buy myself a few more minutes... throw on clothes (notice I still look pg in my dress and pull on heavy duty spanks (aww now I look only 6 weeks pg, much better) go and warm up breakfast for Sophia (yell for Aron, he is still in bed), crying from B-man, tried to do make up (looking a little rough, but covers up the dark circles and adult acne).....yay! I am dressed.

Dress Lovey....

She brushes her teeth! (Possy would be so proud!) Too bad the bristle side is not in her mouth, but we get an A for effort!

Dress B-man,

How come the momma always looks a mess? I still have the towel on my head.

Look at Brayden's face. He is so confused.

Aron is awake and showered (give my opinion on what he should wear), sit on couch and feed Brayden. Wait for Aron....

Off we go.

What a happy day.

Thank you my sweet Jesus for all of the blessings we are given each day. Thank you for bringing my daddy home safely and allowing my family to have a beautiful weekend with each other.



Claire said...

What cute photos!


Cory said...

Aww! You and your girl look just like your daddy. How cute is that! And she is precious in her kimono. What a nice gift. :-)

Brooke said...

love her kimono! and your purse. You look beautiful sweet friend! miss you let's get together stat! :)