Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Big day for the babies...

and their parents.  That is right y'all, the babies are no longer babies!  My littles are these people attending school!!  Sophia started kindergarten this week, and Brayden is in pre-k.  It has been BIG for them, and in total Caryn fashion I have made it super dramatic (this is just how I roll)!  I was talking to a girlfriend about it the other day, I am not sure why these tiny people growing up is so hard and so exciting (all in the same breath)!  I understand this is what they are supposed to do.  I knew going into this whole momma/ baby thing that they would grow up, I just feel like things are going at the speed of light!!  It needs to slow down!  Did I not just bring them home from the hospital??  Hello!
Sophia has started kindergarten, and girlfriend is loving it!  She really likes her teacher, and it made my momma heart happy to hear that she has a friend!  She is so shy when going into new groups, and normally will not talk to people, so I have been trying to encourage her to talk with other kids in her class, at least tell them her name.  So, I am happy that she is warming up to the new group quickly.  As a bonus, her teacher has sent out an email each day to let parents know what is going on (and I must admit.... I have looked her up on the Facebook!  That is right, I am a stalker, I did not ask to be friends, I am sure she appreciates the space.)  Ha!  She seems very nice, and I am so excited to see what this year brings.  This was on the meet the teacher day.  There were so many kids...and snow cones!  Best day ever!

I must tell about the first day (and the night before with cousins)! Yes, there was a big photo shoot!

 Let me start with.... geez Louise, school starts early here folks.  7:30!!  I... DIE!
Anyways, super early.  The traffic in our tiny town is ridic (with a capital R)!  I only live about 5 minutes from this school, I am leaving at 7 and barely getting there at 730!  I think parents are camping out in the parking lot and on the drive up street overnight.  Then, the pick up!  I am not even sure that the mommas are leaving from dropping their babies off!  I sat in the car line for about 50 minutes!!  The only bonus is I get to spend some alone time in the car with Brayden (but during that time he is constantly asking if we can go home and if I have any snacks)!  I am very lucky that Honey has volunteered to do the pickup from now on (have I mentioned I LOVE HONEY)!!
So anyway, day one drop off.  I park the car (not close to the school entrance), and we were speed walking to the classroom.  I hate that we could not enjoy the walk into school for the first time, it was very rushed (I did not want girlfriend to get a tardy on her first day).  So, we are speed walking,
zooming in between kids, I trying to NOT make direct eye contact with the weeping parents (I am weak, and they would cause me to crack.... so I must look away, eye on the prize, deliver Red).  We get into the classroom, and poor girl is winded, and I was just glad we made it with 1 minute to spare!  BOOM!  So, we hang up her bag and lunchbox, and her teacher tells her to take her seat.  She just looked so small, and my heart was being ripped out.  I wanted to go and sit with her, and hang out all day!  I just stood there and watched her look at the piece of paper in front of her chair.  She looked at me and gave a little half smile, and sat down.  I told her to have a good day and stepped out.  I just stood at the door and watched her for a few minutes.  She would color, and look up, I would wave, and then repeat.  My chin was quivering, and my eyes were watering.  I just could not help thinking about how she is growing up and is so amazing, and I am so lucky to do life with her.  After a few minutes of the back and forth, I stepped away from the door (Brayden was not into waiting any longer).  We left, and when I got in the car I just cried!  I worried that she was scared with me not at the door (I tell ya, I am dramatic)!

Now, Brayden, his first day was a piece of cake!  He was so ready to see his buddies again.  He attended this school last year, and we have all fallen in love with all of the precious women that take care of them.  They are so great.  So he was ready, and that made me feel the most comfortable about his drop off at school!  It is hard to believe that this guy will be 5 in just a few months, and that he is in this pre-k program!  Where did my baby go??!

I know they will have a great school year!!

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Jo!! Love My Friends and Me. We no longer live in Bentonville, but both my boys went there (one from infant - 4K) and when we're home for a visit I alwyas tear up when I drive by. They love your babies so well there.

PS - your hair looks great :)