Monday, March 19, 2018

I don't know how she does it...

Welp, it is spring break for me and my people.  The kids are going to enjoy their free time with their grandparents and Aunt Kitty, and I will be spending my days at work.  That is right... all of those months I spent at home really ate up any of my future vacay time! If I had the time off, there would be a few things that I would focus on here at la casa de Foresee...
1.  I would finish taking down our Christmas decorations...yes, y'all!  I still have some décor up in my house!  I would be embarrassed about it, but honestly I really do not care that much!  Maybe I will just keep it up and I will have a super early head start on next year!  The kids and I did start decorating my Easter egg tree, and I did find it a bit strange to have a basket on top of a hutch filled with red berries and pine, then to look over at the kitchen entrance and see a mistletoe ball hanging, and then there are the Christmas ornaments hanging from the ceiling over Sophia's bed!!  I know!  All 10 of you reading are so good and have your stuff put up in labeled organized boxes..... can you come to my house and help me?
Just kidding!  I have a deadline of Saturday (just not sure which Saturday of the next few months)!!  (insert winky emoji face)

2.  Ever since the whole snake taking up residence in my bathroom thing, I have slacked BIG time on laundry!  With good reason.... I am afraid that there could be a friend of his under the clothes!  So, I just let them pile up!  Saturday came and went, and honestly, I was down to having to wear the underwear that just don't fit (but I keep anyways)!  Let me just say, they are not fitting because I have become a size 0 in the past few weeks (ya dig?)  They are like pre-baby panties, some a bit like floss.... and friends.... I just can't!  If I put them on, they just might not come back!!  Thus the reason why I had to just break down and do the laundry.

3.  If numero 2 did not scare the 10 of you off, then I believe that we could have the most true friendship... seriously, we should meet this week for chips and dip and a big ole sweet tea!  Anyways, you could help me write out a grocery list!  We be slim pickins in this place!  In fact, my breakfast.... a Girl Scout cookie , that was a lie... I had about 6 Girl Scout cookies!  The kids saw me eat one and they asked for one.... hello, I had to tell them no, because it was not even 730, and children cannot eat Samoas before lunch!
* They really could have if I did not eat the last 6!  I am the worst!

4.  This weekend I am going to clean out my shower and throw away the 7 empty shampoo bottles!  Why, oh why, do I hang onto these things?  I am a hoarder!  I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I will also clean up the 6 dead lady bug bodies that are in our Jacuzzi tub!  I... KNOW!  I am a skank!  I am always telling man friend, I will get to that in my free time!  This makes him bat crap crazy!  I just need to take one for the team and throw the bottles and bodies in the garbage!  It is okay to let things go!
*  Please note, even if the tub was carcass free, we would still not be taking a bath!

Now, I feel like y'all are judging me or at least feeling better about your own sitch!  #YoureWelcome #HappyToHelp

5.  We are going to the beach in a few months, and the other night (as I was getting undressed to take a shower... I know, super amaze-bod visual you are getting), but I looked in the mirror and thought 3 things......
1.  I really have nice shoulders.  (Wha... I try to focus on the positive)
2.   Then I said a quick thank you to the person that came up with the whole bra thing... it is nice that others don't see that one of my bubbies is a bit bigger and longer (yaaas, longer y'all, like it is stretchy) than the other!  I know, once again, visual!  Just keepin it realz.
3.  Lastly, I thought, I really need to get a new swimsuit.  I have had the same ones for well, since Sophia was born (she is 8)!  I know, pitiful!  One girlfriend told me Nordstrom Rack is the place to go, but where else is good place to check them out?
* Please note, I only want teeny tiny bikins!

Well, hopefully we are all still friends here, and you will not be so judgey when ya see me out and about the town!

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