Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Oh, random Tuesday...

A few updates on the home front.
1.  So, the whole hoarding issue in the shower, welp, it is currently under control.  After I expressed to the 10s of readers, my problem with keeping bottles of soaps and shampoos that have a use or two left, I decided to just throw them in the trash!  Even though I kinda felt wasteful it felt nice to not have a domino effect of bottles crashing down while I am in the shower (one of them always lands right on my toe and it is just not the best start to the day)!  Now that the shower is clutter free, I should really work on ridding it of the soap scum!  I am a fan of just spraying the Scrubbin' Bubbles and leaving it there for a few hours (because I forget), and never scrub... cause ain't nobody got time for that!  Anyways, little steps, maybe I will do this over the weekend.
Wait, nope, it is Easter, and it is a holiday... not a time that I should be focused on housework.  Maybe next week... yes, next week I shall clean the shower!!

Anyways, with this little change, I was feeling like maybe I was getting ready to make some BIG changes.... like next, I would go and take down the Christmas leftovers.  Welp, I decided to forgo the finalization of Christmas clean up, and instead sat around and did nothing.

2.  This past weekend, we decided to take a quick trip over to Tulsa and go to the zoo.  We figured since their spring break getaway kinda fell through, that it would be a fun way to wrap up the week.  I will share more about the trip tomorrow, we have so many cute pictures!  In fact, my sister and I were taking a looksey at some of the snaps that I took, and we came across this one...
I died laughing, because it looks like two giraffes in a super sexy position and my child is just a gazin'.
I.... DIE!
When you look a bit closer, one of the giraffes is just sitting down, and I just happened to capture a moment that looked like it coulda been almost National Geographic-esque!  It has been a few days, and I still think it is funny, something must be wrong with me.

Okay 10s of readers, numero 3 has to do with a word that rhymes with fenestration, so if things that rhyme with the "not real word" of weriods makes you a bit uncomfortable... I would check back with me tomorrow, I may be bloggin' about something a bit more appropes.

3.  In other news, while walking okay, hobblin' around the 100 mile zoo, I started my period.  Really, are you fa-reeking kidding me?  The one time that I decide to not travel with a back up pair of panties, this happens!  SMH
As I am sitting in a hot zoo bathroom, checking out the murder scene down under... trying to figure out how to make light of the situation, I only then realized why all of the carnivorous animals were smooshed up against the windows at their animal displays!  Here I was just thinking that my children were like animal whispers... you know the real life versions of Eliza Thornberry, and all of the tigers, hyenas, bears, and painted dogs were really just detecting that the animal whispers' mother was a barely walking wounded animal!  What a day!  Sheesh.

4.  We left the zoo by 2:30 that day, and were home by 5.  It was just a quick little day trip and everyone had a great time... even ole "bloody mary".  The man friend and children were taken home and off I went with my sister to take her home.  On my way back, I needed to stop at the store for dinner... turns out, my family cannot survive on a few stale Cheetos and string cheese (they have stomachs like their daddy and need nourishment)!  Man friend asked that I please pick him up a sixer (my words, not his, he would never say sixer).. and I ain't talking of Pepsi.  Anyways, I get my few groceries and sixer to the counter, and start handing over my drivers license to the check out girl, and she looked at me and said, "oh... I can tell you are way over 21."
She said it in a tone that I did not like, kinda like Regina George from Mean Girls would say it.
It was a bit snarky
Now, I know that I am of age, but hey "preteen" check my i.d..
I fished it out of my purse, which took me about 10 minutes in the car, so I was gonna hand it over.
So, I ignore her lil jab, and insist that she take it.
Handing it over the keyboard, very much in her bubble, I say, "are you sure, I thought you have to type it in"?
She then commented, that she could just tell I was old...er, then smiled (see image above).
Listen.  I know I graduated in the 90s, I know that most of my music on my IPhone is in the Anita Baker/ Michael Bolton (or Jackson)/ Steely Dan realm, I had been at the zoo all day, and I was purchasing a tube of Icy Hot... but, y'all, I can hang.  I am so young, like look at me over here, I am blogging at 11:23 at night, it is so late, old people don't stay up late!

Who am I kidding?  I am old and should prob be looking into Botox options.

5.  My Sophia is the VIP for her class at school this week.  This means that all things are about her!  Today, her daddy took her lunch (she felt like a big deal having him there)!  Tomorrow, I will take her lunch and then I get to come and read one of her favorite stories to her class.  I love to read a good story, and will normally put on a show with all of the different characters (ya know, reading in their voices).  Sophia has let me know that is not necessary, and I should do my best to NOT embarrass her!  She was supposed to pick out a book for me to read, and so I would not be tempted to act out the story or change my voice to fit a character, she chose a book about Boxers... the breed of dog Boxer.  Ya know, how much they weigh, how they are as puppies, their temperament... how on earth will I control my excitement reading about Boxers??  Boooooo!!  #WellPlayedSophia #WellPlayed

6.  A few days ago, I was over the moon to be invited to hangout with two of my girlfriends.  We were roommates when I was in college, and there were oh so many memories!  We had dinner, talked about life now, and life in the waaaaaaay back!  Ugh, it just seems like so long ago!  Being with those girls was just so good for my soul.  Sometimes a momma just needs to step out of the house and not be a momma, just be with friends.
Does anyone else ever feel like that?
For a few months, I have just been feeling out of touch with friends.  I see a lot of my friends getting together and doing stuff, but for some reason I am not on anyone's speed dial to call and hang with (are the kids these days still saying "hang with")?  If I do get invited, I normally do not go, because I feel bad taking time away from the man friend and the kids (I feel guilty).  Anyways, a few weeks ago, I was just on the struggle bus and knew if I could take a time out and sit with anotha mutha, that I would be feeling better about things.  Welp, it worked.  A few hours out of the house filled me up.  Then, here I was the next week, meeting up with my college roommates... and I just felt refreshed!
I think I am onto something... time for momma!
If I could just get a large group of friends in one place at a time, that would be great!  #FriendOutReachProgram  (I am looking for volunteers!)

Alright, it is nearly midnight, and it is time to call it a night.

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