Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The New Year is a Coming!!!

Well, New Years is right around the corner, do you have any big plans? Aron and I have been invited by a friend of our other friends to come to their house. I know, weird right? I wonder if they really even wanted us there, but o well, we are going. We are so excited to get together with some friends. We will also be bringing Sophia along with us, to ring in the new year as one little family. I will be posting some pictures- it is sure to be a fun evening.

I have been thinking over the past few days of my resolution(s). I am so not very good at following this year, but that is one of the resolutions...
1. Follow through with the New Years Resolution LIST
2. I am trying to break out of my comfort zone, we have been talking about this in church lately.
This year, I am going to focus on my walk with the Lord and my openness about this relationship that I have. I feel that this is something that has really been tugging at my heart. I wish that I could just approach others and carry on a conversation about my love for the Lord. My friends at church just make it seem so easy, and I get so nervous. Do you have this fear?
3. Now that I have taken on this new job, SAHM, I need to start getting out of the house more. I need to become more involved in like a mommy group, book club, something to get me out of the house. I am beginning to think that the only places Sophia will ever know is our bedroom, the bathtub, the living room, Honey and Granddaddy's, and Auntie LeAnne and Uncle Ryan's house. I used to be so social, loved going to work (or like to go and see my friends at work, sang in the choir at church, went to PEO every month, helped with Children's Choir at the church, would lunch with girl friends, Bible study, ect..) Maybe I am just in a rut. The other day, my mother came over and I was going to go and meet a friend for lunch (I was wearing black work out pants (as if I work out, and they were maternity), a purple v-neck shirt, and white tennis shoes. It was horrendous, and my mother grinned and said I could not go looking that pretty. DID I MENTION, I HAD SPIT UP DOWN MY BACK!! I knew that I smelled something, just could not find it! HAHA So, I would like to become part of a outreach program for friends!! Call me!!
4. Weight Loss- I think that I always say that, but I just hate to sweat. I am thinking about that WII Fit Program. Any thoughts on that? I think if I quit eating chocolate and drinking sweet tea I might lose about 5 lbs, but I would also die!!
5. Work on the finances!! At my church they are offering a class, Financial Peace! I am so excited and I am going to sign Aron and I up. We are now a single income family, since Aron and I have decided I stay at home with Sophia. We really need to learn how to manage our money better...any tips? I know that some of you are SAHM, what does your family do to make ends meet- did yal win the lottery or something?? Do you work from home?
6. I always need to work on bettering my relationships (with my husband, parents, siblings, friends). This one should totally be above the work out one.
7. I really want to focus more on my writing. Aron and I always talk about when we win the lottery or when I write a book that will be on the Best Seller List, what will we do? He would retire and we would focus on our family and travel. What would you do if you made it big? Do you have a big dream that you want to focus on this year??

I am sure that I have other things that I want to work on this year. Yal must think that I am a mess with all of these things that I want to do. So, what are your resolutions? You have a few days left!!

Love ya!



Sharon said...

Hey! I just wanted to encourage you on getting out of the house! That is something I have found TOTALLY helps/helped me when I first had Lindsey. I am the coordinator for our MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) here in Greenwood and it is an awesome group! I'm certain there is a MOPS group up there you could find! It is nice because everyone is "going through" the same things you are and it is so great to fellowship! We only meet twice a month so it is a good schedule and something I always look forward to! Just something to think about, but yes...finding some reason to get out of the house ALWAYS helps me!!

Jenna said...

I'm in the same rut! We are either at our house, Target, Walmart or my parents place!

Lindsay said...

Wow. Reading your list was like finding a note I wrote myself. I can relate to everything you listed and have made most of them my resolutions too without writing them down. Just stunned. I to want to get recommitted to Jesus, go to church more regularly, get out of the house and make connections w/ other SAHM, lose weight, get published....all of it! I know we always talk about getting together and never seem to, but I think this year it's a priority. Nathan and I still haven't met precious Sophia in real life! :( Give me call or shoot me an email sometime. I'll do the same. Good luck on your list. You can do it!