Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Party for 18??

OMGoodness! Well, on the 21st (next Monday) I will be having a dinner party for 18! So much to do and so little time. I have a few short days to :
mop the floors
do the laundry
clean the house
scrub those yucky bathrooms
plan a wondermous dinner menu
transform the entry of our home to a winter wonderland (I just love a project!!)
I really need to start addressing Christmas cards
and the list goes on and on!!!!! Do you ever feel like Cinderella? (Do the mopping, do the dishes, do the sweeping, do the cleaning!!) Where are my mouse friends to help?

Seriously, I am so excited. I just love getting together with my sweet friends. Hopefully later that week I will be hosting both of our families on the 23rd and on Christmas Eve. Such a busy week.

Which also reminds me, Christmas is only 10 days away? Have you finished your shopping?? Aron and I are not exchanging gifts this year, but we still need to get on the ball with the rest of our family. We are such procrastinators, waiting until the last minute!!

I just had to post this photo of our ladybug and our brother Richard! Aren't they just the cutest??

How is your week going- is anyones week as hectic as this? (Please tell me I am not alone)!

Oh yeah, and an FYI, be careful going through all of your stored away Christmas decorations, earlier this month I was helping my momma and came across a BLACK WIDOW! YIKES! Well, I just happened to be going to the garage to get some more things to put out, and there it was, looking at me, almost taunting me, daring me to come and take a step in his direction....a brown recluse----. Well, it totally was not his day.
Mr. BrownICKY Recluse July 1, 2009- December 13, 2009. Enough said.

Stay indoors cause baby its cold outside!!


How "Sweet" it is... said...

I love your ladybug! You are not alone in the craziness!

Nancy Bane said...

Oh, you are SO not alone!! For the first time ever, Chris and I finished our shopping the day before Thanksgiving this year, and even minus all that, we're still busier than ever!