Monday, December 28, 2009

Sophia's First Christmas

I hope that everyone had a happy Christmas. Our first one with Sophia was great. There were a few mishaps (a dog fight, Aron missing Christmas eve and not coming home until 2 o'clock Christmas day, and a small microwave fire), but I think that happens for all families. Right??
On the 23rd, we celebrated with Aron's sister's family. We had such a great time. She made a wonderful lasagna dinner, we opened gifts, and watched the Saturday Night Live Christmas Special (odd, because I did not get half of the skits, but whatever).

Aidan (cousin), Sophia, Annalee (cousin), Katie (a.k.a. Aunt Kitty Kat, my little sister)Aron helping Sophia open her first Christmas present! They got her an Eric Carle caterpillar chair with book and Taggies stackable soft rings. She just loves them!

Auntie LeAnne holding Sophia.

The next night, Christmas eve, Aron was on call, and we did not see him at all that day. He helped us pack up the car and we went to stay at Momma and Daddy's house (since the big snow storm/ blizzard was coming). It looked like we were staying for two weeks! That evening we went to the Christmas eve service at our church. Then on our way home it had begun to sleet. Such a mess, and my poor Aron was out in it! We got home, had dinner, and watched It is a Wonderful Life, such a great movie (had never seen it). Around 10 p.m. we all went to bed so Santa Claus could come to town!

I think we know who the good girl is!! She got so many fun things (lots of them have flashing lights and lots of singing!!) Daddy and Momma made a huge breakfast: breakfast steaks, ambrosia, cheese grits, eggs, fly off the plate pancakes, and bacon! Yum! We were all so tired after that. Then we just spent the rest of the morning playing games and preparing for the opening of gifts. Aron finally got to the house around 2, he was so sleepy!

Honey and Sophia playing with her new doll.Granddaddy, Sophia, and Aunt Kitty Kat.Uncle Jason and Sophia.

Sophia and Uncle Richard

All in all, the Christmas time extravaganza was wonderful.

O yes, the small fire. Well, FYI, if you get the plastic baby food cartons always make sure that you tear all of the foil covering off (this will start a fire!!) The baby food will be charred and a brown spot will be left in remembrance, in the microwave! Thanks Gerber!!

Hope yours was special,

Merry Christmas from the Foresee's!!

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Nancy Bane said...

Glad ya'll had a great Christmas, too bad Aron had to work! Chris said something Christmas Eve morning about him probably getting called in. I can't believe you've never seen It's a Wonderful Life!! I watched that for the first time when I was about 12, and it's been my favorite holiday movie ever since!!