Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sophia's Room!!

I have been busy on Sophia's bedroom, as if she will ever sleep in it! I cannot imagine putting her in there, all alone! She seems pretty excited about it!
This is the dollhouse that my Moss and Poss gave to me 28 years ago. I slapped on some fresh new paint, and now our sweet girl can play with it one day! The curtains were made by momma and myself. The little rocker was my great grandmothers. She rocked all of her children and grandchildren in that rocker. The wall behind the chair will have another piece of furniture, but it has not come in yet! The last photo is of sweetpeas Christmas tree!

This is her princess bed! Momma and I went to Hobby Lobby (love that place) and found some hot pink tulle. Momma sewed (by hand) the fringe on the sides and the bottom, it turned out so wonderfully. I painted some fun bugs on the wall!

We have spent many a sleepless nights rocking Sophia in her rocker. The Winnie the Pooh picture was stitched by my momma for me when I was born. The pillow in the chair was given to me by my friend Regan. She made it, the girl is so creative. In the last picture, you cannot see them very well, but my little sister painted a snail family along the baseboard, too cute.
This is the whimsical tree! Momma and I started it one day, then I started having contractions!! Who knew all you had to do was paint to get a baby here! Jason came over and tried to finish the tree for me, but we ran out of time, Sophia was here before we knew it. I completed the tree after she was born. If you look closely, mine and Aron's intials are on the tree (like they are carved on there)! My sister and I painted the letters hot pink and I did a little white outline on them to look like they are stitched. There are also little bugs on the letters. Just a fun project. The last photo is of the toy wall. Katie Grace made Sophia a dream catcher and I turned it into a kite.
Hope you all enjoy her room!
Love yal.


How "Sweet" it is... said...

Sophia's room is BEAUTIFUL!!

Tracy said...

Caryn, I love her room. It is so adorable. I am glad I got to see her yesterday. I love all of the red hair. I think it is great that Sophia and Lena will be in the nursery together growing up.

Anonymous said...

yay!! im so glad you're "back" back to blogging, back to church! I've missed you!!!!

Erin said...

Sophia's room looks awesome! didn't know you were so crafty!

Unknown said...

Your daughter's room is beautiful! And Hobby Lobbys has so many cool things! Love that store!