Saturday, December 26, 2009

Scrub a dub dub- who peed in the tub???

If anyone is grossed out by bladder control, please refrain from reading today!

My sweet baby girl is soon to be six months old. We are learning so many new things each day.
1. She is not a fan of green foods. (I can have three foods on a plate: carrots, peaches, peas, I scoop up the peas place them in her mouth and immediate gag reflex.
2. She loves play time.
3. Sophia is a fan of books. She likes to look at them, touch them, and lick the covers.
4. She enjoys the taste of root beer (thank you to her sweet granddaddy)!
5. Our lovey likes to be held very close to our chest. It is so precious, and I cherish this time with her everyday.
6. Her face lights up a room when Aron comes home from work.
7. Sophia loves her bath time.

Now that Sophia has gained a few pounds and some inches, I have decided that the yellow duck bath tub is to be retired. It is now a toy for our dog Chip (the duck is his nemesis)! Each morning we get into our Whirlpool tub, this is easier for me since I have some back issues. She likes to kick, splash, and blow the bubbles off of her hands. This time is fun for her, and very stressful for me. It is so amazing, once a baby gets a little soapy they become incredibly slippery!! Anyways, the bath time schedule: I get her all washed off, I pull out the drain plug, I stand up to dry off, then pick her up, and there she goes.....yes, my sweet baby, precious wonderful girl, the child that I gave birth to, pees all over me and herself. This is so yuck to me and so terribly funny to her! I run the water again and we get another bath. So, to all of the mommas out there, any tips on bath time? Should I just be doing this in the sink? I really thought that I was killing two birds with one stone. Help!!


Bath Time Blues in Bentonville

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Lindsay said...

We got one of those bath mats from Walmart that have the Disney Princesses on it. It helps her not slide around so much. It's just a big struggle till she can sit up on her own without a lot of help. There are some bath seats out there or shower seats that attach to the side of the tub. I never tried one w/ Sid but some people from my baby center group loved them. Good luck! Sid still pees in the tub too. Now she likes to stand up and pee in it and then try to catch it with her hands. Talk about ewww and funny!