Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mommy Brain!

Dear Mothers,

Do you have mommy brain?? You know what this is, you kind of forget things, all of the time. I am sure that it is from lack of sleep and appropriate meals... Sometimes, I say something and I catch Aron looking at me just shaking his head, he never corrects me, but he knows that I am losing a little bit of my mind each day. Good thing the man loves me.
Anyways, I have a correction to a post I did a few days ago, Sophia is only 5 months old! I have no idea why I kept writing 6 months! Poor child, I am aging her. It seems that I told my mom, Aron, and a lady at the grocery store that she is 6 months old. They all corrected me, and I did everything I could to convince them otherwise! So silly, they just kind of agreed and let me go on with my story. I am so losing it!!
Guess what else, someone has mastered the art of sitting all by themselves. Sophia just started sitting yesterday, and she just loves it!

Our baby is just growing up!

Love yal!


Vonda Axe said...

I still have Mommy brain and Brandon is 8 months old. Don't worry you will fit right in. So excited Sophia is sitting up. Playtime just got more fun.

Anonymous said...

bahahahahaha! i was thinking man! i can't believe she is 6mths already! too funny. well right now people are asking me how far along am i and i have no clue! i think 14 or 15 weeks but i honestly cant remember! isnt that terrible????

Claire said...

Oh so cute! Love the little look on her face - it's like "Wow! I'm sitting!"