Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jump Around!!

So today we broke out the Jenny Jump-Up!  Sophia had so much fun with this new contraption!  She just kept swaying around and laughing.  Poor Chipper, he has no idea what he is in for.  Soon, little Miss is going to be on the move and will be able to catch him, look at how she just stares at him.  She must think that he is a big stuffed animal!!  She is always grabbing at him when he walks by.  Did I mention she is rolling over too!! 

We are just so proud of her.  She has a new trick.  When we cough, she fakes a cough and then laughs at herself.  Aron and I just laugh, we think that she is the most entertaining thing around.  We are currently working on waving.  She will hold her hand out and we see her moving her fingers very slowly.  It is too cute. 

Hope you enjoy the latest pics of our girl!! 

Love yal!

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