Monday, January 25, 2010

Party Animals!!

Aron had his 30th birthday party at Abuelos!

This is a two layer cake with chocolate icing.  Paula Dean eat your heart out!  Aron looks like his back went out, but in all actuallity I asked if he would act like he was blowing out his camera is so slow that I missed it.

Nice double chins, why do I never put my head down??

Granddaddy and Sophia!

Sophia, Granddaddy, Jason, Richard, and Aron

Aron, LeAnne, Aidan, and Annalee

Then we had daddy's birthday party on the 17th (not the 18th) we did not want to interfer with their time to watch Jack Bower on 24.  We had gruel at momma and daddys, it was so good!!

I did not make this cake.  Thank you Wal-Mart bakery!

The birthday boy!  He turned 21 this year, he looks so mature!

Sophia was not sure what to think about the fire, she has only seen fire that one time in the microwave when I set her baby food on fire!

Just love her!

He blew out all of the candles..

Good job Daddy!!  Katie Grace and Daddy

Jason and Richard!

Love yal,


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Jenna said...

Oh Abuelo's is my FAVORITE!!! Looks like you had some great birthdays!