Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Holy Crikey!!!!!!!!

Yes, all, that is a rattler!

I do not know about yal, but that snake is scaring the BAH-GEEZES outta me! Aron said the snake was about 5 feet long!! Holy Crikey!! My husband works for a local power company and this slithering snake was trying to cross the road (needless to say, he did not get to the other side)! I hope that he did not have any slitherlin' buddies with him!!

Just an FYI, that man holdin' the rattler is not my hubby, hubs is the photographer!

I know some of you are asking yourselves this question right now....

Self (insert name here), what should I do if I see a snake?

Well, let me assist you with some tips:

First, you need to identify the snake (ya know, see if it is poisonous). So you should pull out your snake identification chart from your pocket. If you left it at home, then here is your next best bet.... see if the slitherin' pal has a triangular shaped head and cat like eyes. If it does...then it is poisonous.

Second, you should say to yourself, "self (insert name here), I am so close to this snake that I am able to NOT ONLY tell the shape of his head but also see that it has CAT LIKE EYES, I (insert your name right here) just might be WAY TOO CLOSE to that snake....SELF (insert name here) RUN!!

You know what, I would go ahead and just run when I see a snake... ignore step 1 all together!!

This has been a PSA from one friendly blogger to anoth-a!

Love yal!


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