Thursday, June 2, 2011

The tanning experiment....

The jig is up, if you have seen me in the flesh, I am not a bronzed beaut. I am pale, light colored hair, blue eyes (you know the type). Back to the pale skin.... I do not tan well, and my sun burns are NOT to be admired! I am usually smeared up with some SPF 55 or above and re-applying within the hour.

I have tried tanning in regular beds and high power beds for the pale skinned ones, spray tans, self tanners (o- whata mess), I even tried tanning with baby oil (many years ago, I saw a darker friend doing this- needless to say I looked a lil crispy)!

So, tonight I was scoping out the sunblock aisle at the Wal-Mart, and I picked up a product that is a self tanner and it is on a towelette. Just rub it all ov-a after you jump out of the tub and presto, after it dries I will have a tan!

Here is a photo of the product.... have ya seen it.

My friend Kelly used it and yal she always looks so great and she has color/ tan.

So, it was 9:15 the children are snug in their bed and I head to the shower. Scrub scrub dry and then I apply.....waiting.....still feel a little I break out the hair dryer.... yes, I blow dried myself (praying my husband would not walk in...I have been in there for many many, 38 minutes). Still feeling sticky.

Funny: I have walked out of the bathroom. I told Aron what I have done and he is so sweet (seriously I do LOVE him so) and he looks at me without even cracking a grin and says, "honey, it works you look so dark." I just smile.. he is precious.. then I remind him... "Aron, the lights are off."

Anyways, now I am typing this post as I stand in front of the computer... yal I don't want no streaks now! Would D-I-E if we had a peeper and he saw me in my skimmies- he would die to.. of laughter!!

I will update ya tomorrow. I am in a wedding next week and I do not want to look like I am kin to Edward Cullen (ahhhh Edward Cullen.. so dreamy).

Love yals faces!



*Kelly* said...

So funny!!!

I came over from Kelly's Korner and I wont even go there with the whole tanning thing. It's just not a good subject. Ha ha!!!

Jennifer said...

I've used those wipes for years. I LOVE THEM! I've been trying to find more, and seems like EVERYONE loves them....haha! My best tip would be to definitely moisturize your knees/ankles and elbows really good with lotion before applying the sunless tanner. That way it won't gather there and turn your joints orange. ;o) Usually I apply it in a circular seems to not streak that way. Good luck! We need a picture!!!! =) I'm following your blog. Would love it if you checked my out.

Anonymous said...

o i how i miss you!!!! you make me laugh. love you!