Friday, June 3, 2011

Bronzed Goddess????

Yes folks, the application of the self tanning towels did not go as planned. I just knew that this morning I would wake from a full nights rest (hahahee) and then take a glance at the bod and see nothing but bronzed goddessness.

I looked in the mirror and.....

Totally kidding!!!

Too bad and so sad... I was a wee bit streaky!

Too funny! I guess this is what you might call, USER ERROR!

The best part is the feet!

All I could to is giggle. Aron of course (God bless him) said it looks great!

I have been finding that the song I have mostly hummed today is oompa loompa do-ba-dee-do!

I am so glad to NOW get some much needed advice on how I could better apply this stuff or any self tanner in the future....

apply in circular strokes (this will avoid the streak)

First apply lotion on the elbow, knees, and ankles (this will help to avoid the yucky dark stains in those areas and help the tanner to go on a bit more smooth)

I will use those tips next time.

Well, what did I think?

If the product was applied correctly, I think it was good.

My toes look dirty, but it ain't stopping me from wearing my flip flops!

The tan is not an orange like I have gotten on previous self tanners- it is okay.

The product did not have a wreek stank smell.

When I woke up this morning, my sheets were not orange (but they will need to be washed cause they smell a lil self tannish.

The little bitta color is so fun for the day, it makes me feel a little thinner (does a tan do that for you?) Probably crazy sounding!

Let me know if yal try it and how it works! Good luck!!

One more pic, just cause it is funny!!

Love yal!

The Semi-BronzieOranged Goddess

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Cory said...

Bwahahahaha! The last two posts have had me laughing my arse off! (If anything were something that could really happen, I wish that was it) Anywhoo... when you applied the towelette did you rub it all over like lotion? Did that make sense? Or did you just wipe, move a little over, and then wipe again? I would smear that sucker everywhere. The feet are hilarious. But I am envious that you can get yours into that position still. Gives me a goal. LOL! Have a great week!