Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hair Drama

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I am going to have my hair done, and I am so very excited. My hair is long, very curly (some might call it afroish), out of control, a wee bit damaged, born blonde but turning brown (but with the help of a highlight I have tried to keep it to blonde), always worn in a bun or a pony tail (some have even asked if there is a bump-it in there, but there's not). I am growing tired of my hair, I am needing something new, and I am hoping that the magical something is going to be done to my hair. Here is the problem... with slightly afroish hair you cannot cut it too short.... for fear that you could look like a q-tip (this is not my best look, been there and done that and I do not have the picture at the moment (when I find it, I will post it for a good giggle, but for now here is a placeholder photo of what my hair would look like if it was cut too short....
See how unhappy this girl is. She is trying to look seductive, but it ain't a happenin' folks.
Right now, my hair is long and with the crazy weather and the lack of hair stylist attention it has been getting it is looking something like this.. (once again, this is a placeholder picture since I am not taking one of myself, but just picture my face on this lady's neck... ya dig?)
Yes, my hair is this nutzo looking. My color is lookin' a lil rough like this too.
I wish my hair could stay long, curly, and relaxed like sooo..
but it won't. So, maybe I should just ditch all of the length and cut it and layer it??
It always looks so much better on someone else.
Or, maybe I should just keep the length and do something different with my color?
Yes, I just love Kate Hudon hair, I love it on the big screen or in a magazine. I love how her color looks like she has been out in the sun. I like that look.
Or, maybe not so much darker blonde browny streaks and more this color? Once again, she looks like she has been in the sun a lot, love it!
This color is what really makes me happy, but maybe I am too old for hair color this blonde looking. Would I look like I am trying to be a bunny at mansion?
What's a girl to do? I have 24 hours to figure it out!


Rebecca said...

Don't know if you've ever had your hair thinned out. My 30 yr old daughter had that done for the first to e in college and goes about every 6 months to have it done. She has curly curly hair too and found this helps her keep it straight. She also just started using a new potion which keeps it straight much longer, none of that keratin stuff she is allergic. Anyway, think about that. You can see her pic at her blog- www.gatorfamilytales03.blogspot.com.
Good luck, I hope whatever you decide you are happy with the outcome!

Angie said...

I feel your pain! I am in desperate need of something done to my hair and have NO CLUE what I want to do. Can't wait to see what you decide on. Make sure to post pics :)

Cory said...

You are hilarious! If I could cut my hair and have it look like your first picture I would do it in a hot second. But sadly, it would look more like Beyonce in the next picture, all kinky and that is not a good look on me :/ I keep my hair LOOONNNGGG cuz I can't get it straightened all the time, and it pulls out the curl a bit. :) DON'T GO SHORT! :)

Cory said...

I just saw you first commentors comment, and I have to tell you as a hairstylist I would never recommend that you get your hair thinned. It is something that has to be maintained, like... if you let your hair grow out and don't get it thinned your hair will look bigger than ever, especially on days that you don't straighten it. And if you get someone who doesn't thin it properly you could be in real trouble... Not to start trouble, but I just had to give you something else to think about. :)

Stela Dimitrov said...

You put a smile on my face, Caryn! You’re so hilarious about your hair! Hmm, you can try the hairstyle in the last photo, and then you can add some highlight by putting a diadem or circlet. From the way I imagine it, you’ll look perfectly gorgeous.