Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A hairy situation...

If you know me, then you know that I have BIG hair.  I'm talking 80's hair band BIG.
Over the years I have just learned to embrace the fro, and just let it do what it wants to do.  A few weeks ago, we were at a dinner and I was told that my hair was too big for my face (it is not necessary to know who made this comment, but know that I love them and she gave birth to me... ha)!  Seriously, I was not mad in the slightest, but it left me thinking.  Ummmmm, okay.  When those words are thrown I go to a weird place...
like I am thinking about this guy...
his hair is just too big for his face.  Is this what I am looking like these days?  Are my friends not telling me that my hair is to large and in charge??

Then I think about this guy...
He probably thought he was super cute with his curly top and red lips, and red clown painted cheeks, and blue eye shadow.  (y'all, bless his heart, why did his momma not look at him and say sweet heart, your hair is just not right for your face and that shade of rouge is really not your thing.  at all.  no lies.)  #pitiful #butitwasthe80s

So anyways, back to me.  The words have been thrown out there, and I have been thinking what I should do with my hair.  I have found a few different cuts I love, but I cannot decide.

My hair is hard, if I cut it too short it gets bigger and I could look like a q-tip.

If I cut it without layers, then it looks like a bell shape or a triangle.
Layers... they are good, until I flat iron my hair and it looks like crazy town.

Oh, so many decisions (I know, first world problems).

I have found so many great cuts, I am aware that a few of the shots are of the same girl, I may secretly have a girl crush on her still!  I love Keri Russell, am I the only girl that watched Felicity?  She had the hair, and it was BIG, and I could totally relate!  She was smart, followed a boy to school.  She loved Ben, but then she met Noel, but Ben!  I loved Ben!  Y'all do remember this show, yes??  Anyways, the hair!

I am ready for a change.  It is time to shake things up!  This girl has had a huge few months, and I turn 36 next week.  I am looking to do something fun, new, and BIG!!  Tomorrow morning I am making the appointment!! 

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