Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Help, my kid only eats ketchup!

Okay, the title of the post may seem a little dramatic, but I had to be a wee bit ridic with my header in order to get your attention.  I need help!  It is time for real talk, and I hope that some of you are willing to share, because this ain't no joke, this momma needs help!  The things that I am going to reveal to you (10s of readers) are only going to show you that I am not that momma that is feeding my littles healthy snacks or meals.  You will soon find out that while Aron and I are eating well, my people are eating sad foods:  nuggets, peanut butter and jellies, and ketchup!! 
Today it must stop!!

In the next few weeks, the kids will be returning to school.  I am excited for Bray to get back with school, since I love all of his teachers, and Sophia, well it is gonna be hard to get her to school at 7:30 (eeek, it makes me super stressed) and it is kindergarten (whaaaaaaaa, she is growing up).  Anyways, with their time out of school, I have really been trying to figure out new snacks and foods that my wee ones will eat.  Sophia is not as challenging.  She will try things, eat what we eat, and is just very agreeable.  Now, the other child, I am at a loss. I mean really, how many times can you eat chicken nuggets, rolls, pizza, or jelly sandwiches (not all in one day, I am talking meals people)!?  These are the only things that he will really eat.

I have tried the whole bit of, "I am only cooking one meal and you will sit here until you eat it."

Each time the ultimatum has been thrown down, my little plays it tough.  This kid will sit there until the end of time, he would rather starve than try a hamburger, lasagna, a vegetable, or piece of cheese!
He just loves a challenge, and I just do not get it.  For the longest time he would only eat ketchup, I know, ketchup.  It is a fa-reeking condiment, not a meal replacement!!
I have read the comments of my momma friends who are able to wake up and half apples and fill the innerds with peanut butter and then smush them back together and wrap them in saran wrap (good for you)- my kid would chunk that and trade it for ketchup!
I have the friends that will serve their child hummus and veggies for a healthy treat (really, this is not happening, my child would look at that and say that it hurts his belly to look at it.... and then cry!)  FYI, I would not even eat hummus, sounds icky.
Then there are the friends who are sending their littles to school with fish sticks and such (my little will only eat things shaped like a nugget... the nugget of a chicken).
Seriously, what time are you mommas getting up to make your children's lunches look like they should be in some sort of food museum???

I know it seems like I am poking fun at other mommas who have these amazing eaters (I am only half making fun and the other half of me is super jealous that your kid eats from each part of the food triangle).

 I just want to feel like I am not making the same things over and over, and I want to know if I make something new that my kid will eat it.

Really, I am not sure I would eat this.
Seriously, how are you getting your child to eat different foods (are you paying them, do you buy them a toy each time they take a bite)?

I need to know!  I am also wanting to know what other things I can make for lunch and dinner?

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