Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday tidbits..

I feel like I am doing pretty well, I do believe this is at least 3-4 times blogging in the month of July!  I think it is safe to say...
I have missed blogging on the reg.  I am a rambler, an over sharer, love to tell a good story, and I love to write down the sweet memories we are making each day.  The past many months I have been slacking on the blog, and I hate it!

I figure since I am finally back, but do not have much to discuss, I would do a few Tuesday tidbits...
1.  I had a lunch date today!  With one of my besties Kim!
It had been a super strange morning, like one of those morning where you know that God is testing you and your patience by putting a person in your path and what you are supposed to do is keep it Christian and love them, but they just make you nutzo sometimes.  Yes, I was tested and I failed and Mexican food was the only way to help me feel better about my day.  We went to a local place and I ordered the same thing as always, a taco salad.  Every time I order, it is always cold and gross, but I keep on keeping on, because I feel that this could be a great dish for me, if it was warm.

2.  Tonight, Aron was painting in our bedroom.  It will be gray (not blue gray or green gray, but gray gray).  super excited for the reveal, as the previous grays I have chosen (and that are on our kitchen, living room, and bathroom, are really all blue gray or green grays!  (ya follow?)  Any ways, Aron has already finished the trim along the walls, it has been painted white! I just know that by tomorrow, we will be able to sleep in our freshly painted bedroom!!  Next it will be onto the master bathroom and finish painting the mantle and front door frame white... did I mention we are having a house full on Sunday for Sophia's birthday?  We shall see what is completed by this time!!

3.  Speaking of a party this weekend, at our house, I am just looking around at all of the clutter in our home.  I am getting ready to do a spring cleanin' in the summer!  I am feeling the need to get rid of stuff and organize... or I may just look on Pinterest for ideas on how to organize our home for a month, and then the summer clean up time frame will be long gone.  Ha!!

4.  So, tomorrow is Wednesday, and Sophia is turning 6 on Sunday.  (did I mention we will have our family over to celebrate on that day?)  Did I mention she will be 6?  Have I mentioned that I have not even ordered the child a cake?  #TotalMomFail #BirthdayShmirthday #TomorrowWillBeBusy  #PoorPlanner

5.  It is just a few minutes before 11.  The house is quiet besides the hummmm of the dryer and I am sitting alone.... eating my second piece of birthday cake.  I am super tempted to go and grab a half piece and shove it in my mouth, but really, who needs 2 1/2 pieces of birthday cake, at 11p.m., before they go to bed??

6.  Just a funny tid-bit, I fell asleep in between tid-bit 2 and 3.  Do y'all think I fell into a sugar coma?

7.  Last one.  I let the littles stay up late tonight.  I sat with them on the couch and we watched Shrek, they love that green ogre.  It was just a few minutes before 10 before they were all tucked in (oh, returning back to school is going to be a rough time... for all of us)!