Monday, May 22, 2017

He found his love...

If you are one of the tens of people reading here, y'all know I am an over-sharer about my stuff and all of the things going on with my people.  Now, with that being said, my people may not always love having their faces all over the FB and my virtual scrapbook, but well... they'll be alright (as I have already mentioned, it's only tens of people reading anyways)!
Since the month of May has been filled with love and weddings for my family, I figured why stop with my Mary... we have had two weddings this month, and it is only the 22nd!  Let me reintroduce my Uncle David, isn't he cute??
Welp, sorry ladies!  He is finally off the market... and we all could not be more excited about it all!
Now, this is my uncle who I kinda thought would be the forever bachelor.  Comfortable with livin' the single life.  He has dated, but things just never worked out... (not sure why, because he's a catch... and I am not just saying that because he's my people... I write truth friends).
So, anyways, earlier this year (yes, it is only May) was checking out the FB and y'all know how the FB suggests people you might know and how y'all should be friends... well, that happened.
Turns out FB thought he should be friends with a lil lady named Tina.
Turns out, Tina was really a friend from the way back, like they dated at bit in high school and after high school!  So crazy, my uncle friended her... because when FB suggests it you just go along with it!  Whomp, whomp... turns out Tina was not interested in being his friend!  (that makes me laugh, but he persisted, and their FB friendship rekindled a spark... and that spark... well, it turns out that the spark started a fire which has turned into a wedding)!
It is funny how love happens or comes back to you when it is least expected!  I know I questioned the how fast it all went... but y'all, when you know... you know, and it is best to not let it slip away again!!  I am so glad that my Uncle David and Tina have found each other after all of this time.

Welcome to the family Tina!  We are so happy you are a part of it!

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