Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Where the wild things are...

After my early morning wake up call, we all decided that our day would be spent best at the New Orleans Zoo, but not before breakfast!  Of course the hotel we were at did not have anything that my children are really interested in.... pancakes, regular toast, and catsup.  (We obvi need to expand our palate)!  After we ate we ventured onto the zoo!
Yes, y'all know I documented this!
At least I am not mouth breathing in this picture, man friend is looking less than impressed with taking yet another picture (poor guy, every 5 seconds I was telling him to stand over here and let me take a picture)!  You might notice we have two extras in the photo, y'all I told y'all if family is near... I am wanting them with me!  My cousin Morgan (isn't she pretty!) and sister Katie (it is always a good day when she is with me!) accompanied us to the zoo.  Off we went!
Just a few things to show...
The homes...

Could the homes be any more massive??  Geez-a-louiza!
What are these people doing for a living in New Orleans?  Are you renting?  Are you working two jobs?
Onto the zoo...

The orangutan (this is the momma) likes to go to the window, sit, and communicate with the kids.  It was very cute to see her smile at the littles and make gestures at them!  Mine were impressed! 

Seriously... the photo skills!

We had a fun time... but friends, that Louisiana heat is no bueno!
I smelled like an animal by the time we left!
We stopped for a late lunch at a cute place on the way back to the hotel (wha?  no pictures?)  I think that I was too hungry, bring on the crawfish po boys!!
After our adventure we ended up at the pool....
and all was right in the world.
The two on the left are my cousins babies!  When I was younger in lived in the LA (ain't talking California) my cousin Michael was my sidekick.  I love being able to see him and his wife Joani and spending time together, and my kids love them so much!  The whole trip they just wanted to be with Carter and Madi Kay (so I tried to make that happen every moment)!

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