Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The rehearsal with a bit of picture overload...

After our time spent at the pool, the real fun began to heat up!  We were off to the rehearsal dinner, and I must say.... it was fabulous!  The venue was right on the water and we were surrounded by yachts (seriously, New Orleans people... are we working more than 2 jobs)??  The evening was lovely, but what I was most glad about is seeing so many people I love most in one room!
me and my man friend... isn't he handsome (man friend, do not get embarrassed I only have about 10s of readers that will see this (most of them are family)
mom, dad, Moss, my cousin Mimi, and Red

wee ones

you know I had to document this... our first time in a UBER!  Bray was less than thrilled and went to sleep!
oh these sweet faces!  I love that if there is a group of children they will immediately bond and be friends for life!  They had such a good time running and playing!
daddy, Alle (my cousins girlfriend... isn't she lovely?), and Bryan

Uncle Charles, Aunt Lauren, and Morgan

Moss and my Uncle Scott (father of the bride)
One of my most favorite memories of Uncle Scott is him singing Sledgehammer, you know, by Robert Palmer).  I do not know why he was singing it, but I remember him being very good at it and thinking that he could possibly go on the road and tour with Mr. Simply Irresistible).  So strange the memories you hold onto as a child.

Mimi, Morgan, Joani


I think that they look nice together....

family picture... at a bar?? (SMH)

Mary in the middle (the bride) and her soon to be MIL

cousins!  Sadie, Charley, Katie

Moss and daddy

cute couple

love them

Bryan and Carter

my little love

my cute boys

All in all, the night was so much fun.  The best part was listening to all of the speeches, and hearing how much Kyle and Mary are loved.  We heard from family, friends, the people that introduced them... it was just the best.  There were laughs and tears!
We were missing my Aunt Diane (Mary and Bryan's mother), but I have no doubt that she was watching from heaven and loving every minute of it!
I know she is so proud that Mary has found Kyle, they are a perfect fit.

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