Saturday, May 6, 2017

Until we meet again...

On April 27th, I sent my last text to my friend Lora...
Oh sweet friend!  Hopeful you are having a good week... so many friends are praying over you each day!
It was a quick little text, just wanted her to know I had not forgotten about her and I had been so hopeful that this might be the text that she will finally feel well enough to respond to.  Ya see, Lora was at MD Anderson and a few weeks previous had just undergone her 2nd craniotomy (yes, 2nd).  I had already sent 10 messages over the past few weeks, and still I had not heard back.  I was not mad at not receiving a response, I just found myself getting more and more anxious about why Lora was not responding.  She is definitely the girl that if you send her a message.... she is going to respond (if not within the day, it would be in at least 3).  So, here I am, 11 messages deep.  I think that my head knew what was happening, but my heart was just not ready to accept it

The next morning, while I was answering emails at work, I looked at my buzzing phone and saw a message that she was gone
How lucky I am to have been able to have a sweet friendship with Lora.
I was so happy to have attended her celebration of life today.  The church was filled with her family and friends who loved her fiercely.  I left the church still feeling heartbroken over her being gone and I know that this will last for some time, but I was so glad to be reminded that I will see her again... and we will be able to pick up right where we left off.

I am asking for you to lift up her family in prayer.  Pray for her husband as he will begin to adjust to his "new normal", pray for their 3 children (who are so beautiful), her parents, and her brother and his wife, as well as the rest of the Little/ McGee family.

I will forever treasure my memories of her

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GiGi said...

So very sorry you lost your sweet friend. I know you will feel lost for the next few weeks and I understand. I still want to reach out to my friend, Kim who has been gone almost 3 years. I want to share my life with her and hear her comments or tell won't last forever. Those were our words to each other each time we hung up our phones. I really do enjoy your post. I could feel your sadness. But thank God we are promised a heaven and oh what a meeting and greeting there will be. May you feel God's comfort and His strength during this time and may her family feel the many prayers of those lifting them up. God's blessings on you all. Hugs and love, Gigi from Georgia