Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Look Boo-tiful Dawling!

Yes, in this family we go all out for the holidays. On Tuesday evening, we gathered at Ma and Pa Curry's house for a Boo-tiful Halloween costume contest. What a great time we had! There was a lady bug, a couple a mummies, Zorro made an appearance, there was the spider in a web, a nana (Sophia's favorite), a veteran, a witch, a pregnant cat, a beautimous prom queen, the hunter, and a pretty lady in her pajamas! We were all decked out! Take a look! What are you dressing up for this Halloween (or what will your sweet babies be wearing)? Only a few days left, so get your costumes out people!!

Ahh, the sweet family! (The glasses totally make me look smart!)

This is Deaddy (the mummy), he was terribly spooky!!


This is his Boo-tiful wife, Mummy! (Mummy used most of the bandages on Deaddy)!

L-O-V-E my lil sister's mask!
Gotta love the banana costume!
The spider stuck in her web (momma) and the witch with butterfly wings (Aunt Charlene)!

Baby Sis

Family Shot!

Aunt Charlene (she looks so innocent!)


Yal have a spooky night!!



Kelly said...

So fun!
Harper is going to be a lady bug too!!!

Laurie said...

Ya'll all look cute!

Anonymous said...

will you pls adopt me in this fun loving family????? we're a bunch of toads on a log...or whatever that saying is...

Anonymous said...

bumps on the log! hahahahaha, i crack myself up. hehe.