Saturday, October 9, 2010

So, where will we put this sweet baby??

Well, the count is on. We are 25 weeks pregnant, that means in 15 weeks or less, Little Man will be making his BIG arrival! Soon, we will be the parents of 2, I sure do hope that we are ready for this!

Over the past week, our sweet family has been helping us move around all of the furniture in the house. Turns out, when you are going to bring in a new addition to the family, they may need a place to sleep and a place to store their belongings. For the past 6 months, I have just planned on keeping Little Man in the pack in play next to our bed. I guess that is okay for the first few months, but then what? Thus, the great furniture move of 2010!

Right now we have 3 bedrooms, 1 is being used as an office/ deer head room. This room has now been turned into a baby room. I am so excited, Momma and I now have another project!! Now the planning begins, how to decorate, theme of the room, will I paint on the walls (right now the walls are a deep beautiful gold brown color (adore it)!! I am thinking maybe a animal theme room with animals painted on the walls, just do not know. Does anyone have any ideas? How did you decorated your little boys rooms?? I am looking for ideas.

-theme for baby room
-mattress for baby room
-put together crib (so glad we just got a crib, thank you to our Granddaddy and Honey!!)
-put together 5 drawer chest (so glad we just got a 5 drawer chest, thank you to our Granddaddy and Honey!!, grandparents are so-----GOOD!)
-paint color???
-baby name (OMG, we have not even thought of a name yet)!!
-where am I going to put those gargantuous deer heads?? (would like to put them in the garage or a closet, but it would totally make my husband so sad)
-still need to decorate for fall, totally need to get on that.

Hopefully, I will finish this project soon, so stay tuned for photos!

I guess I better get back to watching the Razorback game, I think that the banging away on the keyboard is making the family a little restless!! Woo Pigs!!

Love yal!



How "Sweet" it is... said...

I love those types of projects!! Sounds like the room color is perfect for an animal theme. Sounds like fun!

Kerry said...

I love the animal theme! We did a safari theme with monkeys and giraffes for Will's room and it will be super easy to transition from a baby to a little boy room. I've seen so many different animal themes in all different colors and I love them all! I'm sure yours will be fabulous!

Anonymous said...

tell aron if billy had to move his ou junk into garage, the deer head can go there too! ;) trust me, it was a BATTLE!!!! cant wait to hear names and see your talent on the walls!

Anonymous said...

I bought a small tire (like for a wheelbarrow) and dipped it in a tan and dark brown mix of paint and made 'tracks' all over the wall. I stenciled ZOOM! ZOOM! every now and then. We hung pictures of trucks, dirt bikes etc and then hung a few trucks from the ceiling.
Logan will have trucks to play with once he's ready. We'll just cut them loose from the ceiling.
Have fun!