Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

We have had a fun week of events. On Tuesday night, everyone came to the Foresee abode. I slaved over a No-Peek-A-Boo Stew, cornbread, chocolate topped cupcakes, and pumpkin bread (did I mention I am a slave in the kitchen and 27 weeks along, hello!). Then we broke out the templates, knives, and markers for some pumpkin carving fun! It was a great time, if you like to sit with a group for an extended amount of time (about 2 hours) and carve some of the most challenging things that I have ever seen! We are not just talking about a snaggle tooth pumpkin, our family broke out the big guns: pictures of Yoda, Luke Sky Walker, wolves howling at the moon, spooky houses, and then there were the pumpkins with greetings! It was a so much fun (even though I did not hack into those poor things, I was more helpful in taking pictures, asking people if they needed drinks (yes, they needed to be hydrated), and picking up pumpkin seeds and gunk off of the floor (I had to get to it before Sophia!)SIL (LeAnne) and Annalee Aunt Cathy and Jason

Ma and Pa (always gazing into one anothers eyes)

Oh! My two greatest loves!

Ma, me, and Moss

(I look crazy bc I was trying to hold my neck up to avoid the double chin and I was trying to hold up the two huge growths above the belly. All of that work made me look like a nut.)

Moss, Ma, Pa, Aunt Charlene, Poss (aka Bucky)

me and my sweet Daddy

Now, the festivities have begun! Check out the table, can we say PUMPKIN PATCH IN THE KITCHEN!!

The brothers.

Look at how intense these carvers are. The silence was so thick!

Ryan (my BIL) and Aidan

Richard with the Yoda template!!

Nicole and Jason diggin in the pumpkin guts!

Dad and Poss.

Dad went in for a consult. Poss accidentally cut out a piece that should have not been cut. Poss thought the house looked a mess, but soon you will see the prettiest spookiest house ever!

My ever so talented husband. He carved a brown recluse. He was so proud!

I have come to the conclusion that these people have some skills!! They should totally open up a booth at the Arts and Crafts Fair!!

Do you and your families have the pumpkin carving tradition? What do yal do for fun during the spookiest of spooky holidays?? Do tell!

Have a spookalicious day!

Love yal!


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Anonymous said...

i think richard ate one too many pumpkin seeds! serisouly, you have the funniest family ever. thanks for calling me back yesterday....oh wait, you didn't. loser.