Wednesday, December 8, 2010

16 Months Friends!

My sweet girl is 16 months old!

This might be her new favorite t-shirt, she was so proud to pose this morning in front of the tree with her Elmo tee! She loves this guy!
In the past few weeks, Sophia has been keeping me and her daddy very busy.

Her stats have not changed too much from the last update

25ish pounds

size 4 diaper

wearing size 5 shoe (still loving her cowgirl boots, but her new Christmas shoes may beat those out. She likes to wear these and say oooo!)

she is wearing 18/24 month clothing

Food is definitely her friend. I feel like she eats too much chicken, but when you like a food I guess ya just have to go with it. She is really liking this yogurt that has Dora the Explorer on the package. This is totally my child, she loves a cookie (who doesn't). Still not a fan of milk, but o-well, maybe one day she will like it!

Sophia loves to try and eat with her spoon and fork, and is getting very good at it. She does not throw too much to Chip anymore (which I am so glad about that)!

New words: Santa, hot, she is calling the Hogs!!!, uh-o

Enjoys the television now: she is only allowed the 9 am Sesame Street (thus the Elmo love), and she will watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She will watch Dora for a split second. With all of these Christmas movies coming on she likes to watch for a moment, see Santa and then she is off to play!

We still love books, although she ripped the paper out of one yesterday and I was completely horrified. I let her know we do not eat books, burn books, or tear books in this house, we Read books! She looked at me like I am crazy!

She still likes to brush her teeth and now wants to brush her hair. She has recently realized that brushing my mop is lots of fun and turns very big! This makes her laugh!

She is really fun to watch play with her babies. Sophia has started carrying them around and patting them. I even have seen her try to give bottles and spoon feed. It is just precious. Sometimes, she will lay their head on the couch pillows and put her face right next to them. This warms my heart, I am teaching her to be a mommy. Another toy she likes to play with is the school bus, she will run it all over the house.

Her sleeping is still crazy. Sometimes there is a nap sometimes there is not! Sometimes she will sleep until 8 something sometimes 630. Then there are times where 9pm is bedtime and then there are the nights when she will stay awake until 11ish!

New tricks: opening all of the doors in the house! we have to constantly keep them locked (refer to previous post if you are new to this family blog). She is also into taking everything off of shelves.

We are so in love with this girl!

I am one lucky momma!


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Ashley said...

How sweet is she!! Kinda stinks that she can open doors now ha! ;)