Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Visit With Santa Claus!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to You!!
This morning my daddy and mommy took me to visit with Santa Claus!

What an exciting morning I have had.

I have been looking forward to this moment for about a month! I have been listening to songs about him. Reading some of his books. I have been watching some of his movies too! I have learned how to say his name and ho, ho, ho! I say it all of the time!! At my Honey and Granddaddy's house, they even have some Santas that dance and sing with me. This guy just seems so super fantastic! He is happy (and I am happy), he has a sack full of toys (I totally love toys, and he likes cookies (and I love cookies)! He also looks nice in his red suit (one of my favorite colors)! Needless to say, this guy is tops in my book! So, here are some pictures that my mom (A.K.A. the paparazzi) took of my meet and greet (she is so embarrassing!!)

So here it was. This is me at the entrance to Santa heaven!

I stared at him and waved, he even waved back to me! Check out my dress, I wore my candy cane stripe dress with my sparkle red shoes. I even let my mommy do my hair and brush my teeth really good! (A girl always needs good hair and fresh breath!)

You can almost see my heart just jump out of my chest! This Santa guy is the coolest!

He gave me another glance, and I was off! I walked right up to the man! Then I stopped just to check him out one last time. Seems alright!

My daddy stayed close by! I think that he wanted to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas too!

My daddy picked me up and just handed me over to Santa! He had a nice beard and a beautiful red suit! I thought he was really nice. Then it happened, my mommy started with the flashing lights and saying show me your teeth! Embarrassing! I totally froze up! I turned into a mouth breather!

Why did I not smile? Oh-well! My mommy and daddy still say this is the most precious picture ever! They already have it on the refrigerator! I just keep walking by it and saying Santa!
What a great way to start the day!
Love yal!
(and Mommy, she had to type this out for me)


Ashley said...

She's just adorable! Great picture!

Holly said...

So cute! That photo is pretty adorable! :)