Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And, Another One Bites the Dust!

I wanted you to all say "hello" to my newest addition! Yes! I do not know how I forgot to mention that we will be taking in a new member to our home!

No, it is not Brayden, he will not be here until the end of January.

This is Stan-the BIG MAN of the Forest.

Or he was until his most unfortunate demise.

Here he is, my rough and tough hunter!
My evil kinevil of the woods!
My terminator hiding in the trees!
The early morning terror to all things furry!

Can yal feel the happiness?

Friends, I am running outta wall space. He may just have to only hang onto the antlers. If I put another deer on our walls, we may not have any room for pictures of our precious Brayden Samuel!!

To all of my friends who are big supporters of PETA, I am so sorry about this post.

Love yal!


1 comment:

Jamie Kubeczka said...

That is hilarious... my husband and his family are big deer hunter people and I am the only one that won't let him hang anything on the walls. They freak me out too much! You are such a nice wifey.