Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pine Cones, Red Feathers, Twigs and Berries, O-MY!

Just thought I would show the latest, and probably last decorating project of the year. These wreaths, swags, doors, and trees sure keep a prego momma busy! Enjoy!
This may look pretty out of the box, but it turned out so beautifully. This sweet lady wanted two swags (one for each 10 foot iron front door, YIKES)! She wanted to incorporate silver and red, pine cones, red feathers, twigs, bells, and three different ribbons. Sounds different, but it came together! I know you cannot tell much by the photo above (the swags are laying next to each other on my kitchen table) here is the big reveal............!


Before I left, I put the red mesh bows on the topiarys out front!

So do yal Christmas up your front doors with wreaths, trees, blow up stuff, ect.? I think tomorrow I will do a post on all of the Christmas decor at the Foresee home. I would Love Love Love to see yals, I am looking for ways to jazz up our decorating for next year!

Are you ready for Christmas, can you believe it is next week? Don't forget the reason for the season, Happy Birthday to my sweet Jesus!!

Have a great day friends!

Love yal!



Ashley said...

WOW! That looks amazing!!!

Tracy said...

Great job! Love them!

Anonymous said...

you are so talented my friend! hope you're feeling good!!!!