Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at Granddaddy and Honey's!

I have a few posts that I want to do over the next few days that will show all of the excitement we have had over the past few days. First, I wanted to show the Christmas decor at Granddaddy and Honey's house! Their home was so pretty this year, that it just needs its own post!! Please enjoy!!
This is the kitchen chandelier and table. The chandelier was filled with garland, red and white skinny mesh, sparkly sticks and such, fun ornaments, and it just looks like something out of a magazine! The table, OMGosh, the table, was filled up with all sorts of yummy deserts. Honestly, you could not even see the table, the only way you know it was a table was because of the chairs that surrounded it! I just love the idea that Honey got for the centerpieces. She bought Styrofoam balls and bunches of red roses from Hobby Lobby and we cut off the stems and stuck them into the balls. They are propped up on glass jars of candy- such a creative girl she is!
Okay yal! This tree is the Mardi Gras tree! It has everything from umbrellas, beads, and feathers. This tree will get to stay up until February! This is in the sun room of my parents house.
These pictures really do not do the tree or wreath for this room justice!
Yes, the stockings were hung by the chimney with care! All 8 of them. We were discussing how are we going to fit a 9th one up there for Brayden next year, or if one of the brothas get married next year! The picture of Santa above the mantle has everyone in the family's name written somewhere. Mixed in with the garland are special Santas that have been given to my momma and daddy over the years. Some were from my MamMaw and PapPaw, one from my Moss, even one from my great grandmother Mimi.
This is the main Christmas tree in the living room of their home. It is filled with old things my siblings and I made in school or at church over the years and ornaments with sentimental meanings. It seems every ornament on the tree has a story. All of the things around the bottom of the tree are a working train set that goes round and round and old toys that we have grown up with . Notice the Minnie and Mickey, Eore, Old Muppet Babies, a rocking horse, and every Christmas book we have ever owned. Sophia has definitely loved playing with all of these fun things when we go to visit.

Now, this idea is too fun! A Christmas card tree. Every card that is received goes into this tree. The tree is wrapped with a red metal card holder and it has slots for cards/ notes. I love this idea and I hope to be able to do this next year at our home!

This is the dining room. Normally, my momma does and angel tree, but this year, she decided to do a memory tree on her buffet. It has photos of family. The table is decorated with old photographs, crystal bowls filled with ornaments, and her Fitz and Floyd Santa's.

The only tree that did not get photographed was the tree my sister put upstairs. I could not make it up there without having contractions so I had to stay based downstairs. The tree, I am sure was equally as wonderful as the downstairs is. It would be filled with red and green color mesh, every Disney character ornament known to man, and any special place Katie had ever visited (like the Rockettes, we saw them in Branson at Christmas one year)!

Seriously, every time we go over there, this is what our face looks like....

Stay tuned! We did a lot of celebrating over the past few days. Fun times with cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles! Hope that you have all had a Merry Christmas.
Happy Birthday Jesus!


Ashley said...

Wow! Those decorations are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

honey out does herself!

Claire said...

Oh what beautiful decorations! The idea for the card tree is inspired!


beckylbranch said...

WOWZA! The house looks a magazine..if only I could decorate like that! I wish :P