Monday, December 6, 2010


Yes! The title of this post is UNBELIEVABLE!
Have you ever just had one of those days where you really thought about just going back and crawling into your bed? Well, this past Friday was one of those mornings. Now, that it is Monday, I can totally look back on that day and laugh about it, but trust me, Friday, I was in no laughing mode!
Let me set you up for the story.
The time is 7:45 a.m..
Aron is already at work.
I am not really getting any sleep (for weeks)! Seriously, I wake up from a deep sleep to pee, it is only 11:30p.m., I come back to bed only to find that Aron is in an even deeper coma than I can ever be in (snoring loudly, almost like an animal), then he is a tosser/ toucher. At this point in the pregnancy, I do not want anyone to breath on me (it will only make me hot!, yuck!)
Sweetie Pie has learned to open all of the doors in our house (we have door handles, not knobs). This new trick of hers has us constantly leaving all doors locked, at all times! She is such a little genius, she makes me proud.
Did I mention, there is only 1, yes 1, key to our house. Did I also mention that my husband is the person that has this 1 key on his key ring?
At 7:45 a.m., I must let you know that I am looking a little (okay, very) rough. I know some of you mommas out there wake up with minty fresh breath, hair looking perfect, beautiful amazing sun kissed skin, your matching Victoria's Secret pajamas. I know! I wake up still have sleep in my eyes, probably some reminance of drool on my cheek, fudge on my teeth (because sometimes you just need a bite of fudge in the middle of the night), my pajamas do not fit (and have not for some time (the ones I wore that night were given to me when I got married (don't let your mind wander, it was just a comfy set of pjs that looked like a spaghetti strapped dress (but with my mismatched shaped bubbies and belly, it is not so attractive), pair this with my super old royal blue sweat pants and comfy house slipper wool boots!
I have to pee, again.
The temperature is 23 (this is not a typo, 23)
Okay, so, have yal got a picture yet of what is about to happen, let me fill you in.
So, Lovey just woke up. I have changed the smelliest diaper EVER! (how does something so precious and sweet smell so yuckers sometimes?) I throw the diaper away, wash hands, and go to retrieve a cup from the cabinet. My Lovey needs a drink. I pour her some juice then start to pull out the Eggos for breakfast.
For some odd reason, I am holding my cell phone and I walk into the garage. I have to go out there because I need to get the highchair. Yes, we keep the highchair in the garage when it is not in use (Sophia likes to climb on it as if it is some sort of jungle gym, so the garage it goes). I walk out, shut the door (I do not want her to come out there and freeze). I turn back dragging the chair, reach for the handle, and wah-wah! UNBELIEVABLE! The door is so locked!
I begin to panic! Sophia is already at the door knocking because I would not let her come out. I begin to yell, unlock the door honey! Open the door for mommy! Honey, it is okay! Just open the door! (What do I think she is a junior high student? She is 16 months old!) I start crying and then caressing the door saying mommy is right here! She is crying, and it is killing me! Will I ever see my precious again!
Then I realize, I have my phone! I call Aron in a panic! COME HOME NOW! I AM LOCKED OUT OF THE HOUSE! Pretty much blaming him for the problem and that he in 4 years has never made copies of the keys. Aron, oh, sweet Aron. Always calm. I will be there in just a second, it is okay. I am still freaking out! Saying, "she is all alone, with the dog (who is not a fan of hers). The bathroom door is open, what if she goes and gets in the toilet (I know I have not cleaned it in weeks). OMG, the thoughts that were running through my head! I hang up the phone, Aron will save the day shortly.
Well, I am still leaning up against the door (and I am frozen, I realize I am wearing next to, well not enough!) I am still reassuring Sophia all will be okay, don't cry! She is silent.
I call Aron again, it has only been 2 minutes! Where are you??? I am driving right down the street. Amazing! He is like Superman, there in a flash!
I hit the garage door opener and realize that my husband is not alone. He is with a group of men, in a huge bucket truck. I look down at myself (still caressing the door), and literally felt myself dying. Have you ever felt like time stopped, like in those 80s movies, well that is what was happening at that very moment. I was dying a slow death. Aron jumps out of this truck jogs to the house, looks at me, smiles, unlocks the door and then gives me the key. He says, "just in case you need this, here."
I jumped into the kitchen grabbed onto Lover girl, who had pulled my purse off of the counter and had thrown my credit cards all about the floor. The dog that hates her, sitting nicely beside her. They were fine, without me. I am such a nut!
Aron, my hero.
Needless to say:
1. Always make sure you have a key hidden somewhere outside of your home, just in case.
2. Make sure that once you rise from bed, even if it is 100 degrees out, put on some clothes, or pants and a long sleeve, and maybe a scarf and a bra!!!
3. Get hooked up with a cell phone! What did people do without them before?
After this, I took my girl for a Chick-fila biscuit, then we went to Honey's house for the rest of the day.
It was just one of those days. I wanted to crawl back into bed, but I did not have a way to get into the house. I hope if you are having a rough day today that this story makes you chuckle just a little bit. Know that tomorrow will be better!
Love you all!


Bethany said...

oh Caryn. LOL! Bless your funny heart!

Ashley said...

I'm so sorry about your horrible day but on the bright side I totally laughed out loud at your story! You are funny girl;)

Kerry said...

Oh My Gosh! What a story! I would have had a total panic attack! I'm so glad everything was okay. If it makes you feel any better, I went to visit a friend out of town at her college dorm years ago, and got out of bed to take a shower, locked myself out of her dorm room in a towel without my glasses on and had to wait 3 hours until she got back from class, in the hallway and I couldn't see anyone to ask for help! Hope you have a better day!!

Anonymous said...

bahahahaha!!!! was it the same pj's you were wearing when you thought only i was coming over but indeed i had brought the husband and child????? hehehehhe. love you!

Laurie said...

Bless your heart. This is really funny!

I ran into the cheese fudge lady on Sunday afternoon. haha! I have not seen her in like 7 years.