Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just a day at the beach....

This was how we spent the majority of our days on the beach..
Doing tricks on the beach...
Catching some rays (sun and manta rays as well)
Honey and the Bear looking out at the water
 Nicole and Katie (they would swim out waaaaay to far!)
 Uncle Richard and Sophia
 walking and talking
 Shell finding
And here is the bunch of us....

 We would swim.  Doesn't the water look so beautiful?
We would dine on junk foods finest.....
 then we would pass out on the beach from eating way too many Cheetos!  This photo will for sure be a part of his wedding video!
After naps we would swim some more

 FYI, I lost the black strap to my swimsuit (thus the non matching white strap from another)

we would take walks on the beach and collect shells
 play in the water and then pose for pictures ( I shoulda sucked in and not slouched)!
 My sis posing with her sand sign saying Peace!
 We would dance like no one was watching (yes, we did this in public on the beach and Aron was making those faces... in public)
 We would sit on the beach and talk
 Rich and Mercedees (FYI, she made that t-shirt dress like 4 minutes before she walked out onto the beach, she should maybe be on Project Runway)
 Aron and I would just sit this close to one another and hang out.
 playing in the sand...
 still sitting very close...
swimming with Nicole
 Red loved the pool!

 Jason and Nicole


Lindsay said...

Love the pics!! Great to see you today. Wish it would have been longer.

Caryn C. Foresee said...

Wish y'all could have stayed longer! So excited for Sunday! See you then