Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another day of fun in the sun

I know, another post with more of your beach pictures!  Yes!  It makes me happy to see pictures of my family having a fun time at the beach!  Happy times spent in the sun in the water with my peoples!  Enjoy!
me and my mermaid tail and my parents trying to look like they do not know me...
 Richard, Daddy, and Momma
 Aron and Bray
 Seriously, I love these two
 Watching as her aunt and uncle venture out into the water
 Daddy and Richard
 Momma and Rich
 Jason, Nicole, and Aron would swim out so far and then they would throw seaweed at each other.  Boys, they are so very strange.
 My sweet daddy
Naps on the beach
Don't separate this girl and her Cheetos
 Nicole and Jason
 G-Daddy and Sophia
 Baby Bear in the sand

 Running on the beach
 sitting on the shore while everyone goes out to the water

Here we are digging to the center of the earth!

My girl
 our back drop

 Seriously, didn't these people see Jaws???

 Jason and Nicole taking my baby out into the deep water!
 Aron and his girl

 No, seriously dad, it's a shark...

 Poor G-Daddy, he had to do all of the heavy lifting on the walk to the beach:(


Unknown said...

Henderson Beach or another area?

nice photos

Caryn C. Foresee said...

Thanks Wanda! We go to orange beach in Alabama! Great family place. Where is Henderson beach? Close to there?

Angie said...

I need a beach trip SOOOO BAD!!!!
Love all the pics :)

Caryn C. Foresee said...

I know you do angle!! For mow, go get a sound machine that playsvthe beach waves and sit in front of a mister! Kind of thevsame as sitting on the beach!)