Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So.. what did you do on your vacation???

Oh, I don't know.
We just kind of relaxed, took some naps, looked for shells, and just happen to be sitting in front of  a manta ray that had washed up onto the shore
Were you scared?
Ummm No.  Do I look scared?
I know what you are thinking...
they are large sea creatures (sharks and whales are the only sea creatures that are larger and scarier)
Male manta rays are very agressive...
they have many rows of teeth (sharp teeth, but they are not used for eating, just smiling)
they do not have a skeleton that is made of bone
and that their average life span is 20 years...
I know, I know, I was thinking of all of these things too!
See me in the above picture.. (it is me thinking)
Look at Aron, soooo not afraid.
Here is my brother Jason making nice with the sea creature.
then he just kind of helped my new manta ray friend swim back out into the ocean.

I know.

 Bye Manta Ray

 No, seriously, go back out into the ocean.
 For reals... you have no life here... go be with your family, your own kind.
Eventually, he was assisted and led pretty far out past the waves and swam off to be with his buddies.  He just needed a lil push!

 So, what in the world did you guys do after that... swim with sharks?
Umm, no that is silly.  We simply walked upon a crane which was creeping down the beach.
I know.  We love animals.
This guy had some fishing line around his neck....
I know, I know... that is horrible.  Were we able to help him?
No, he eventually flew off, but we thought of him often while we were at the beach.  Always remember to throw away your trash and pick up things that other beach goers may have missed when they leave.
Geez, what was left for you and your family to do?
Well, we went and fed some goats...
Yes, goats, they needed to be fed, so we fed them.
 I know.
My family is just kind of exciting like that.

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