Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cheers to 35 Years!

A long time ago (30 something years ago) in galaxy far, far away (not so far, just about 6.5 hours depending on how fast you drive and how many stops you have to make... it is West Monroe, Louisiana) there was a young boy, and his name was Mike.
Mike was a man (okay not so much a man but a young high school boy), and he was looking for love (I am not sure that he was looking for love, but it sure was looking for him).
That lovely lady,
Yes, that is the gal, Amy.  She was attending her high school, going to church on Sundays and Wednesdays, playing the piano, and hanging out with friends.  She was dating, but no one serious, until she cast her eyes on this looker....
I know what you are thinking... who is that Adonis.. that Greek God of a man?  Well, that is Mike (he is my dad).
Well, the beautiful blonde and the sweet high school boy (with a large blonde fro), would soon begin dating and one day would be married.
Yes, 35 years ago, they said, "I do" and the rest would be history.  Little did they know all of the things that God would have in store for them.
In this 35 years they both graduated from college, moved from Fun-Roe to Arkansas, and have 4 super amazing wonderful smart children (who adore them)....

Caryn, who would marry off to this handsome boy and give them 2 grandchildren

handsome boy (Aron)

The Baby Bear
Little Red
Then there was Jason, the 2nd in line...
he's a looker right...!

This is his best friend Nicole.  We love and adore our Co-Co!  Seriously, the kids pray for her every evening, they just love her.  We were so happy that she was able to come to the beach and celebrate the 35 years of livin' and lovin'!!
She dressed in her best flamingo wear!
Then there is the baby.... Richard.  Our sweet baby brother.  Always a wealth of knowledge (sometimes that knowledge is completely unnecessary to know in your daily life... but he knows it.. such a reader).  We are sure to have fun when Uncle Richard is around!
 This is his girl friend, Mercedees (or Sadies if Red is calling for her).  We were so happy to get to know her better on our family get away!  FYI, the girl can cook like Paula Deen, okay not like P.Deen but better! (For me and mine, Mer is a keeper!)
Then there is the baby.... the 14 year old baby!  Our Katie Grace.
What would our lives be like had God not brought her into this world?  She is the perfect piece for our puzzle.
To celebrate Dad and Mom's 35 years of wedded bliss all of the kids left the condo that morning.  We headed out to the Little Zoo That Could, in Gulf Shores, and gave the parentals some quiet time.  When we got back to the condo around noonish, we found them asleep on the beach (can we say relaxed)!  After a long day of splish splashin' in the ocean, we came to the condo for a fancy steak dinner with twice baked potatoes fluff and corn.  YUMMO!!  The celebration was themed... obviously, it was a flamingo party (hence the flamingo attire and the pink).  (What can I say, Mom and I just love a theme!)
 Such a fun time.
 Note to self... this pajama top and flamingo hat may not have been my best look for the whole trip, but since I was with family (and now the 10 readers of the blog) I was feeling pretty comfortable.
Happy 35 years to Mommy and Daddy!
You two sure do make that whole marriage thing look easy!
Here is to 35 more years!


Angie said...

35 years, such an accomplishment! Happy Anniversary to them both. LOVE the flamingo theme by the way :)

Katie said...

My godparents, just celebrated 35 years of marriage as well. I pray everyday that my husband and I have just as successful of a marriage. What a beautiful family your parents have.