Monday, July 23, 2012

We Going To The Beach!

"We going to the beach!"  "We going to the beach!"
Red has been singing this line for the weeks prior to our vacation.  We have all just been so very excited.  The beach, the surf, family time... Bring It!

Here we are 10 minutes into the trip.  We had not even made it out of town and the Bear takes his nap (a 10 minute nap and it was his only nap, but a nap)!  Pure preciousness!!
You may not be able to tell, but she was very excited to be going to the beach!
I really do like him.  He totally needed this vacation!
Here I am, so glad to be on a vacation with my babies, my man, and my fam!  Happy girl!
Nap time is over and here was my first box of entertainment (zoo talker animals and cars)
See that tiny middle spot of the seat (that has gigantor animal pillows, well that is were my big ole booty would have to squeeze into many times during the trip).

  We finally arrived!  Our home sweet home for 9 days!  The Turquoise Place in Orange Beach!

The Lazy River!  Where we spent many afternoons!

The kitchen
 Our bedroom with an amazing view
Biggest bed ever and it was filled with myself, Aron, and the kids every morning by 5AM!

 Loved all of the windows in the condo!  Everyone's room was so nice and open!
 The dining area.  We loved sitting around the table for every meal or just to play a way to competitive game of Scrabble with our family.  The kids loved the openness of the whole condo to run (this was good late nights to tire them out)!  They would just run laps!
 Living area space.  This is where we would sit and watch television.  The view was spectacular!  There was a grill outside on our patio, tables to read at, chairs to lounge in, and a hot tub to soak in.  It was wonderful to sit and enjoy the beauty of the ocean and every morning you would see the dolphins jumping out of the water.  So relaxing!
 This was the "girl room".  Katie, Mercedees, and Nicole would sleep here.
 Here we are unpacking all of the groceries.  Feeding 11 people!  Sheesh!  Yes, everyone was helping to unload the groceries!  Every morning we would feast on pancakes, waffles, and fruit.  Mercedees even made a breakfast casserole for us.  It has been sad to be back at home, this morning we had Eggos and yesterday we munched on biscuits (BOO!).  Can you tell we were excited to be here?
Off to the lazy river!

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Darius Cartmell said...

In our family, summer would never be complete without a quick trip to the beach. This year is no different, and this time we are spending it with my two cousins and a nephew. This year would be so much fun because it will be my nephew's first trip to the beach!