Monday, October 25, 2010

Lordy, Lordy, guess whose birthday it is??

What a way to start a fun family visit! Yesterday, we celebrated my sweet Moss's birthday. (If you are curious what a Moss is, this is what we call our grandmother. Yes, some are called Grannie, others MeeMaw, and then you have your Moss. Who can figure? We sure do love her, and wish her many more happy birthday extravaganzas to come!!


Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday sweet and precious Moss!

(this is her making a wish, or wondering how she is going to blow out all of the candles??)

Happy Birthday to You!!

Love yal!



Caryn C. Foresee said...

For anyone that leaves a comment on this post, I am aware that I should have used the word whose in the title! So silly!

Mary Avery said...

You know what, my good friend in high school called his grandmother Moss. That's so weird! I've never heard of anyone else calling their grandmother Moss! She sure looks sweet!

Mochamama said...

Did you make the birthday cake? It's amazing!

Caryn C. Foresee said...

mochamama, we had a local bakery make the cake, Ricks. their cakes are so wonderful!